to my dismay, i realized today that my SPC card was expiring! it's absolutely dreadful. sorry this post is kind of a local thing. SPC (student price cards) are only valid for canadian students. basically, you buy this card for $8.50 that gives you 10-15% off at tons of different stores for a whole year. this was my first year buying one. i hadn't before because, i didn't fully understand what it was, and i didn't want to pay for it. but it was my mom who made me realize with how much i shop - now, used to shop - the card would pay for itself. and it did! in about three weeks =P i can't even imagine how much i saved the whole year. and even though i don't plan to be buying as much this year, i still think the card is a good investment. PLUS: this year they've added new stores! now there's 10% off dynamite, garage and aeropostale. (check here for a full list) and if you register your card at the website, you can check back and look for local special offers. restaurants periodically have deals on. all in all a good investment, i'd say! i've allotted some space in next month's budget to pick one up =) is there anything like SPC where you live?