(song of the day: i could break your heart any day of the week, mandy moore)

sheesh! what a week! softball games, plays, work, job interviews, making new friends and seeing old one. i hope your summer is keeping you as equally entertained. unfortunately i was barely home and not keeping up with things as much as i would've liked. i'm finally at home with a few hours to myself. i've got a decision to make that i really don't want to get to quite yet so i'm catching up on so you think you can dance.

ONE. this is probably my favourite find this week. i just found out about looklet and i'm shocked and appaled i didn't know before. i highly reccomend it if there are any polyvore fans out there! instead of collaging your dream outfits, you get to put them on a real model. their wardrobe is expanding daily. i lost an hour on looklet, so you can't say you weren't warned.

TWO. check out maura kelly's musings (via marie claire) as the discusses two relationship clich├ęs. should you be in it two win it? or is it true that you only find someone when you stop looking?

THREE. zephyr at college fashion counts down the 10 beach day essentials. i wanna hit the beach soon!

FOUR. apparently, when you're watching tv or at the movies, you're less attentive to what you're eating and thus more prone to overeating. find five ways to beat overeatnig at never say diet.

FIVE. i've still been checking in on the girl with the uniform project she's still going strong! check it out if you haven't already.

my question to you though; if you could only wear one outfit for a whole year, what would you choose? let me know!