(song of the day: battlefield, jordin sparks)

happy thursday! hope all is well. how'd you spend the holiday? the day i had was not the day i was expecting when i woke up yesterday morning, but sometimes it's best that way. just a few updates and miscelleaneous things.

when i check the hair poll the morning there was a tie for both jennifer aniston and zooey deschanel! it's funny when you're presented with two options how you find what you really want? looks like it was zooey all along. my version's a little different, i followed the instructions i found but they really weren't geared towards people with medium hair. i still think it turned out okay. (that wasn't the dress btw, i was still in my pjs when i took this.) anyway, i'm not closing the poll just so i can see which one people really do like better.

in other news, i got my nails done today with L. au moment, i'm wearing parlez-vous opi? i certainly do. i don't know if you noticed, but i'm a bit of a nail polish fanatic =P i'm still a HUGE fan of the france collection. even though it was for the fall, i figure this colour is bright enough for summer, no? L got miami beet, which is my favourite from the south beach line. (anyone else excited for the espana collection??) it was lovely, but then on my way out i had my first OPI matte polish sighting! i was so excited i was giddy, just ask her. i bought gargantuan green grape matte and i'm going to try it out as soon as my mani chips. hahaha. what's on your nails right now??


(got the photo from here.)