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as the weather warms up, makeup melts off. but not this summer! here are a bunch of tips and tricks for getting makeup that lasts. my most important suggestion is to try and wear as little makeup as possible, but should you feel you have to here are some suggestions.

before leaving the house...

start with a clean, fresh face. lately i've been using (and loving) olay dual action cleanser and pore scrub. but i've heard the exfoliants can be harsh for some. i like the way my skin feels offer, deep cleaned and dry, ready for makeup. if that's not your cup of tea you can also try a mattifiying cream, pore minimizer or a favourite of yours that absorbs oil.

skin: all i keep hearing when it comes to summer makeup that lasts is tinted moisturizer. and i mean that's great and all when you can find one that actually matches your skin tone. i have been unable to find one dark enough for me under $30. (if you have any suggestions let me know!) but when you find your oil-free tinted moisturizer of choice, apply with a damp sponge in short outward strokes.

for me, all i really need for cool dewy sking is a moisturizer with SPF. when applying, don't forget your neck, hairline and the tops of your ears! clean up problem spots with a few dashes of concealer.

eyes: makeup is more likely to melt when it contains emollients. i remember reading this interview from bobbi brown and she suggested you avoid overly creamy products. she preferred powder blushes and eye shadows becaues they are less likely to run. mineral makeup is good too.

aim to use neutral colours because they are less likely to show should they melt/run. skips the eye liner, most usually smudge. if you can find a waterproof eyeliner, avoid dark colours because they create dark circles around your eyes should they run. keep liner to the top lid. if you haven't already, trade in your favourite mascara for a waterproof version. but beware, even waterproof shades can melt if you use to use, try one thin coat.

lips: lip glosses can turn your lips into a slip and slide, and they also intensify your lips reception to the sun and can increase your chances of burning there (what an odd thing to say). lipstains don't melt off like other glosses do. if you don't want to splurge on new lip wear, you can transform any lipstick into a stain. you'll want to use a bright shade, the pigments are richer and better at tinting lips. apply two swipes, wait ten minutes and gently tissue off the top layer.

cheeks: again i recommend a stain, instead of applying directly use your fingers to get a more natural look. if you choose a bronzed colour (as opposed to a pink or rose), use it to give the look of a sun-kissed glow all around: smooth it across the bridge of your nose and on the high points of your cheekbones.

and then, i recommend finishing up with a transparent finishing powder. (maybelline has a nice one!)

when you're out...

it might not be a bad idea to carry blotting paper on you. i've never used them myself but the idea seems simple enough. press the sheet up against your face, there's no need to wipe. and if you can't get your hands on thatm try using a large white tissue to blot at your hairline eyes, coerners of the nose, lips, chin and jawline and attempt to suck up oil and smudges.

if your eye shadow has creased, close your eyelid and press your finger against it to smooth the remaining shadow and wipe away liner and mascara. wipe your lips clean and add a wash of balm or gloss to freshen up.

i think that's it for me. how do you beat the heat? drop me a comment!


photos from here and here.