this week i'm experimenting. for a while now (well okay, ever since i saw lie to me) i've been toying with the idea of radical honesty. the idea was propose by psychotherapist brad blanton who believed that people would be alot happier if they only told the truth. no lies at all regardless of colour (white) or size. i consider myself to be a pretty honest person but i can't deny that i don't make a little white lie from time to time. after all, the average person tells an average of 3 in just a ten minute conversation.

don't forget, you're lying when...
-someone asks you how you are and you don't give a real answer
-you feign interest in something
-you leave things out.

i'll be honest here, i'm a v. non-confrontational person who believes that white lies can help to smooth things over. it's a little patronizing to pretend to be interested in something you're not. and telling the truth to a friend could actually be helpful. i hate hurting people's feelings or stepping on toes. and i'm not always such a sharer either (even though you'd neve know it from this blog). i have a habit of stopping short of what i'm saying what i really think. but i've realized lately that those little lies aren't doing anyone any favours.

so this week i'm going to acknowledge things exactly as they are, to others and to myself. i'll let you know how it goes next monday!