it's not déja vu. i'm really revisiting a resolve i just had. because even though i didn't buy anything for a whole week. i don't feel like i accomplished anything because i fell into my old patterns again. if anything, i spent TWICE as much in the week that just passed. like i was trying to make up for it or something! just terrible! logically i should even be in debt. i still live at home, i don't have a car and i'm not paying for school. my dad's an accountant for goodness sakes! so how did i get to be so bad with my finances??

for one, i tend buy things i don't really need. like yes, the NYX liquid liner i bought is amazing and i totally do like nyota uhuhra, bu that wasn't a necessity you know? i wish i had realized that before i went ot the mall and dropped $30 on various makeup products >.< and second, my finances have run wild because i just don't like talking about them! but i'm trying to change. i've come up with three new tips.

but this time, i'm getting serious. more specific. it's not enough to just say, i won't spend money this week if i complete fall off the wagon in the next. and of course, i scoured the interwebs for some creative solutions. for startes, i'm making an addendum to my shopping rules. (the ones i wrote a bit ago and still didn't wrap around my VISA card like i said i would) so the new rule #2, any purchase, no matter what the size or price, must be slept on. if it's not something i wouldn't come out for the next day, it's not something i can't live with out.

my second serious step? i'm going to begin keeping a debt diary, not for all to see, but i've bought a new journal just for the cause (and i know that seems counterproductive, but it'll even out. i'm going to get my finances in order if it kills me!) the first thing i need to stick in this diary is a budget, i'm working on it as we speak. you're also supposed to keep track or your daily spending purchases: how much of your money you're spending and for what. putting your thoughts on paper has a way of making you think about your actions, or so they say. i'll let you know how it goes.

any lastly, i've come up with a financial affirmation for this week. (yes i believe in affirmations, if you repeat anything enough you'll believe it. but more on that later): it is MY money and i WANT to hold on to it.

so there we go. saving money, take two. hopefully i haven't lost you in all the boring talk. if you've got any helpful advice, i'd LOVE to hear it, truly. anyone else ever conquered shopoholic-ism before? wish me luck!