(song of the day: forever and for alaways, shania twain)
Model's neck

morning! my current obsession? the sweet smells of summer days. in summer superlight fragrances are the name of the game. i think scent is an important and intimate accesory.

in summer, you want to aim for fragrances with citrus and/or floral top notes. in perfume, citrus goes beyond lemon and orange: think bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, and neroli. for florals, think lily of the valley, jasmine, and ylang-ylang.

i'm (still) obsessed with daisy by marc jacobs. but i find it smells better in the summer. if you haven't smelled it yourself, it blends wild strawberry, red grapefruit, gardenia, violet and jasmine notes. it's a simple yet appealing, just like daisies themselves! i get complimented it on it alot.

but R and i were smelling samples at the bay the other day and i've found myself haunted by the smell of lacoste's love of pink. it's a chypre/fruit fragrance that's got hints of red orange, passionfruit, lemon, pink magnolia, quince blossom, stephanotis, white cedar, musk and vanilla. it smelled SO good and i'm considering it as my next perfume purchase.

take caution of two things. heat amplifies the smell of any fragrance and your nose finds it harder to smell something it's become accustomed to. in warmer weather, you'll need to wear a little less to keep the smell from overpowering you (or anyone else in your vicinity)

and lest we forget, sunscreen is one of the best smells of summer. and my new friend A (thanks J) introduced to a delightful smelling sunscreen with mango and papaya notes that is everything right about summer scents. i'm going to have to ask him and track that one down. in the meanwhile, check out some of my other favourites.

so what are your favourite summer smells? (it doesn't have to be a perfume.)
that's all for me. i've a lunch date! later my lovelies!