hey there! and happy saturday to you! here are the best ofs for this week.

first up, some forever 21 news (i'm obssessed, i apologize). but, did you hear their expanding into makeup and home furnishings? can't say i'm too excited for the beauty products, i'm too busy envisioning what would happen if forever21 and ikea combined. sheer magic. read all about it.

forever 21 also has a new circus-inspired collection coming out soon. it's called twist. check out the lookbook.

this week at time they published an article about why girls have a few best friends but boys hang in packs. interesting stuff!

if you're into sartorial humour, check out fashematics. the only place where you can see math like the equation at left.

check out unclutter.com's guide to making time for everything!

and perhaps my favourite find this week. someoneoncetoldme. it's a growing collection of photos where people pose with things somebody once told them. it's actually really inpsiring. the photos are fabulous.

what's the most interesting thing you found on the interweb this week?