(song of the day: chasing pavements, adele)

hey! the day's been kind of overcast and so am i. but i hope your weeks going well! mine's been an absolute whirlwind. this catalogue is a little bit different i know. i apologize for the pic spam. just click on each picture to make it bigger. here's what i'm wearing:

top: charlotte russe, $6
high waisted skirt: h&m, $14.50
silver gladiators: aeropostale, $20
necklace: ardene, $6
occasion: hanging out

this week's been interesting, i've barely been home. and i've been finding it really hard to get dressed. i had this special event (sorta) and the temptation to buy something was rough. i ended up making vanilla & raspberry cupcakes to curb the craving. what i found that works?

i had to work harder at drawing fashion inspiration. when i buy things, i tend to wear them place them in particular outfits and then just rewear those outfits instead of continually switching things up. my lookbook expanded exponentially this week. and i made a few new blogging friends in the process. (if they're reading, hi!) if you have a friend who's your size, it's sweet to swap clothes, even if just for the day. my other tip for making what's old feel new? changing my nail polish colour. i'm not sure if you can tell, but i'm rocking some pastel yellow on my toes. it's awesome. it's my go-to way to change up an outfit. but clothes are easy, i just wish people were as easy to figure out...