i'm pleased and excited to announce a brand new column here at sunshower style! today i'm doing the first ever style profile with little red of the redhead fashionista. when i went on my blog hunt last week i discovered hers. it's still pretty new but i've enjoyed reading her fabulous posts! (this one about celeb transformations is my favourite) and like me, she's a communications student with a major interest in fashion and a well defined personal style. check out my interview with her!

three things you can't live without... my cell phone, my macbook pro, and my car.

favourite movies... clerks and clerks II, mallrats, the devil wears prada, and the hangover.

how would you describe your style... i'd have to describe my style as just me. i know that's kind of lame. however, my style isn't anything crazy and i don't dress any particular way. i have a pretty casual look since there isn't any aspect of my life that requires me to dress up. i just wear what i like and what i feel comfortable in.

what inspires your style... various fashiohan magazines and certain celebrities inspire me. i absolutely love rachel bilson, lauren conrad, and nicole richie. those ladies always look fabulous whether they are at an event or just going to the grocery store.

favourite beauty product... M.A.C.'s eye pencil in coffee. i always wear eyeliner. i feel so weird without it! i wish I could break that addiction though.

you feel your best when... i think what makes me feel my best is just hanging out with my friends. no matter what is going on in my life, they can always brighten my day and help me have a good time.

last fashion purchase... two pairs of steve madden shoes i got recently. i bought a pair of black peep-toe heels and a pair of purple flats!

if money was no object what would you buy next... louboutins!

top shops... i love shopping at h&m and urban outfitters. i can always find great stuff at both places!

style mantra... "a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous," coco chanel.

i have to say, i pretty much enjoy her taste in everything! don't forget to check out her blog! that's all for now!