i tried it! and being absolutely honest for a week did have its advantages and disadvantages. but i learned a lot. as i said last monday, i spend a lot of time trying to smooth things over and keep everyone happy even if it's at the expense of my own feelings. so this week i tried to correct it.

honesty is awkward, i'm not gonna lie. at first, i was answering things on default. it was kinda weird to chase people down and tell them that "no, i'm not fine." but surprisingly some really good conversations came out of unexpected people. you'd be surprised who's there for you if you're honest first.

and in a way it was liberating. there was something i'd been meaning to tell someone and it felt awesome to get it off my chest. i learned that you can say "yes, that outfit does look bad on you" and "i'm sorry, but i don't think that's a good idea" and people WON'T bite your head off for doing it.

i still don't think i was a complete success. i think i achieved more than usual honest? but not radical honest. even though i said i wouldn't, there were times when i inadvertantly avoided touchy subjects. as long as someone didn't ask, i didn't tell. but when they did ask, i did tell. and it was actually kinda fun in a way! this is something i'd like to go back to at some time. one resolution at a time though!