time for some friday afternoon musings? yes i think so. a little while ago i had a friend of mine who's looking into this new guy and has taken to asking me "what do you think his type is?" and i had to stop and think about that. i thought about the girls he's dated before but couldn't really find too many similarities between them. then i stopped to think about the people who i've liked/dated. their personalities were all REALLY different. i mean, they've all been male, that seems to be the general theme. but that's it. every time i went to make a rule, i could always find an exception. i don't think you can help who you like, whether they fall into specific types or even if they don't.

plus, i feel when people say type, almost 80% of the time, it has to do with looks. i wouldn't want to miss out on someone with a personality that perfectly compliments mine because i was too wrapped up in where they shop, or how tall they are. i don't like typing stop me. it's just too narrow a way of look at people. you can't say "you only date athletes" because that's a trait that can change, you know what i mean? i'd be lying if i said i didn't have preferences, but not a solid "type."

but then i had to look at things from the other side. and in thinking about it, i've come to the realization that I don't really fit the "ideal type" of most of the guys around me. well not just me specifically, any black people really. excuse me for being so candid, i don't mean that in a racist way. because to be perfectly honest, i'm not really looking for a black person either. (a preference, but not a steadfast rule) but what if the guys i know aren't as open minded about types as i am? are you? and if you like a guy but aren't his "type" do you still go for it?

i guess i'd really just wrote this to say that especially at my age (near 20) when you're supposed to be out dating i think it's better to be more accpeting of guys of all kinds. just because you've dated tall musicians your whole life doesn't mean you have to always date guys like that. opening yourself up to the possibility of dating different varieties of guys expands your dating pool and could always help you grow personally by getting to know people you might not otherwise. and who doesn't want that?
no real conclusions here, just thoughts. hope you're having a happy friday! if my movie plans pan out, i will show the result of my uhurua-inspired look.

-later days!