(song of the day: thinking of you, katy perry)

1. today: i'm happy for the problems i have. yesterday this african children's choir came to my church, and listening to the hardships they've had to face made me so much more appreciative of mine. some of the stuff they've dealt with is just unimaginable to me. and it reminded me to be glad for where i live, and what i have, including my "problems." because really, they're nothing on a grand scheme of things, know what i mean?

2. i'm looking forward to: hanging with my friend E! even though i've known her forever we've never hung out before. do you ever have friends like that? it's made me realize that i could've been missing out on being better friends with the people around me because i spent so much time hanging with the same people. i can't wait to finish the conversation we had at the wedding the other day. i'm excited.

3. one thing that'll make my week: realizing that being awkward is NOT the end of the world.

apologies for the lack of best ofs this week, unfortunately, i was add the last link to my draft in evernote when my internet timed out and lost the whole thing. not to worry though, there's some good stuff coming up.

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