(song of the day: so close, jennette mccurdy)

heyhey! catching up at the end of a busy week. here are the best ofs i've found!

ONE. if you haven't seen it already check out this hilarious step by step guide to getting yourself shot by the sartorialist.

TWO. and if you've never dropped by the sartorialist, check that out too! gorgeous people, gorgeous photos.

THREE. not gonna lie, got pretty excited when they announced the emmy nominations this week! i love award shows. it's a shame we have to wait till september 20th! (steve carrel ftw! who are you rooting for?)

FOUR. i am greatly amused by teagan mccrae's conan o'brien-like stylings. check out her post of hilarious future "predictions."

FIVE. check out five cool google/gmail tricks, via cosmopolitan.

SIX. over at the frisky, they talked about celebrities who embody the style of different cities. sounds complicated, but is actually really cool. for example, sienna miller is quintessential "london." what city are you? (i'm thinking i'm a new york/california mix.)

SEVEN. and at charade they had a really good post about picking your luxuries. it's been especially helpful as i've been trying to save money lately.

EIGHT. the 100 essential skills for geeks, via wired.