Saturday, May 30, 2009

(song of the day: i'm a believer, the monkees)

heyhey happy saturday! i just had a lovely night out with my sister and her friend at red lobster. my mom was picking up the tab so we ordered SO much. (escargot anyone?) it was really really fun though. exams and all, i still found the time to find 10 best ofs for this week. woohoo!

ONE. the best thing i found in real life? they opened up an urban behaviour OUTLET in heartland this week. just ONE store over from party packagers! there's already a regular priced UB at heartland, but from the looks of things everything in the outlet is $20 and under. my kind of place! i would've bought something after work today but my parents came and dragged me out. (yeah, wish i was kidding on that =P)

TWO. i was amused by this post on designs hidden in common logos. some i knew, some i didn't. like toblerone! who knew!

THREE. have you ever been to soulpancake? it was founded by rainn wilson (a man i love) i'm not going to pretend i'm the world's deepest thinker, but it is a really cool place to "chew on life's big questions." this week people were writing in with 3 experiences they've had that they wish everyone else could. some of the answers were so profound. what experiences have you had that you'd like to spread to everyone else?

FOUR. angie over at youlookfab encourages you to take a new look at leggings.

FIVE. over at glamour, the slaves to fashion outlined the dos and donts of wearing whites.

SIX. remember how i was talking about weardrobe a little bit ago? they talked about why they love it at the budget fashionista the other day. be sure to check it out if you haven't yet!

SEVEN. zephyr at college fashion talks about finding le perfect pair of summer sunglasses! i know i'm still on the hunt for mine!

EIGHT. i found 10 tips for avoiding sweat marks this summer. cause it happens =P

NINE. zoe over at primped wrote a hilarious "how to go pantless" (a la lady gaga). funny stuff.

TEN. here's a blog post deciphering what different wedding dress codes really mean.

i'm actually working on a series about weddings and what to wear while attending them. that's coming up in the next bit. if you have any questions about it be sure to let me know!

-ciao for now!

weardrobe look courtesy of the clothes horse.

Friday, May 29, 2009

this is a lookbook look i saved from a few days ago. loving it! i'd kill for that dress. all credit to bronka b.

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"Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight."
-Karl Lagerfeld

oh crazy karl. he's a man i both respect and fear, not gonna lie. but when i first read this quotation a number of weeks ago. i unashamedly laughed out loud. i mean, it sounds like he's perpetuating the crazy rail-thin superficiality that made me initally hate fashion in the first place. (it's true. i used to HATE fashion and anything that went with it. but that was more out of envy than anything, check out what i would've said to myself back then.)

these past few weeks it's been all about ponytails, american eagle hoodies and keeping the carton of icecream next to my laptop to "inspire" my essay writing. (that's right CARTON. no bowl for me!) then, last night after my exam, i moved all my textbooks to the basement and brought my summer clothes up. i was surprised to find, there's a lot less to them then i remember.

not that i'm saying my clothes are skimpy, i just mean, i'm not quite ready to jump right in to feeling so exposed, you know? it's like coming

and i mean, i've still got sometime to work my way into them. even though it's may, i'm writing this on my back porch in a sweater and jeans. and then this quotation came to mind.

i'm at the point in my life where i think that beauty actually does come in any size. whether i believe karl or not, i think it is time to change my eating/working out habits a little. especially cause i now have time to do so (and because bikini-season is rapidly approaching. dundundun).

i would never call fashion the healthiest motivation. but i do see where lagerfeld's coming from. i mean, it takes a LOT to motivate me. so what i'm about to propose this in the first place it's prrrrretty crazy.

i've decided to follow that one week plan i found on cosmo a little bit ago. i know rachel's in for it too. you can totally do it too! on monday, when i start, i'll go over the terms again. i'll play it your way karl, just this once.

anyhoodle, i'm headed off. gonna fit a little bit more reading in before i head down to see a play. have a happy friday!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

(song of the day: love you i do, jennifer hudson)

i'm just posting this, and then i'll get back to studying, i promise! today i'm cataloguing some alternatives to headbands. not that i don't LOVE a good headband, but sometimes i want to change things up.

option #1: a hairband - literally. the other day when i went to the youth group barbecue, i was running late and tearing the house apart cause i couldn't find a hairband that matched what i was wearing, i was kinda thinking "what would match better than my own hair?"

the how to for this one is actually pretty easy. considering i wasn't really following a "recipe." after straightening my hair, i pulled by bangs forward and tied the rest in a ponytail so i could see what i was doing. i lifted up about 1 cm of hair right where my bangs stopped on both sides of my part. i employed the french braiding technique - picking up more in the same 1cm track until i'd reach the end. then i secured them in the back with a bobbypin or to, and ditched the ponytail. voila! i'm not gonna lie, i really like how it came out.

option #2 - use a necklace. last week i was heading out to celebrate victoria day and watch the finale of gossip girl with rachel. headbands were a must! and so were pearls, so i combined the two. it's actually my mom's pearl necklace from the 80s. i was wearing it in my first catlogue look actually, back at the old blog. this one again is super simple, i just folded the necklace and secured it with a little clip in the back, i was trying it out and it actually looks cute with a whole bunch of necklaces! youpi!

today's my sister's brithday. she doesn't know it but we've got so many suprises planned for her. i'm excited for that. and vicki tells me that our jason mraz tickets have arrived, i am SO stoked! needless to say, it's pretty hard to study right now. at least there's only one exam left. back to the books i guess.


Monday, May 25, 2009

(song of the day: more than words, extreme)

i've lost my will to study at the moment, so i'm taking a quick break to do something productive, blogging! a friend had a fashion query a little bit ago. unfortunately, i don't have time for a really in depth answer, but i promise to come back to it.

Q: how do you wear high-waisted shorts?

A: i have to say, that i'm not an incredible fan of high-waisted shorts on the whole, though i DO love high-waisted skirts. (bought/wore from H&M the other day=instant love!) but maybe it's just cause i've never really given them a try. they were more popular last year, but i've still seen pulling them out this year. i'm still kinda skeptical.

what intimidates me is that high-waisted shorts show of your waist (duh) and that's a part i'm not always too happy to showcase. so my first tip is to get a pair that fit nicely. don't bother buying anything that pinches (or anything that will after two summer barbecues!) make sure they sit at a comfortable height.

second tip, the shorts are supposed to be the focus, so you want to balance it with a relatively simple top. of course, you're supposed to tuck it in to show off your waist. long tunics defeat the purpose. avoid anything with too many frills or embellishments. try a body-skimming simple top.

i have to say i'm loving the shorts of Song, a koren model. it's so crisp and clean! are you feeling it? and check out a whole bunch of other celebrities who were wearing them over at whowhatwear. any more questions?

got the photo from here.

1. today: i met with someone to talk about some really cool oppurtunities for the summer, and for a nanosecond i was upset they don't pay as much as i'd like, but then i realized the sheer magnitude of the oppurtunities being offered. like this is something i've always dreamed of. i wouldn't miss it for the world. to be honest i'm kind of in love with life right now! even though i'm still going through the last week of exams and what not. things are great!

2. i'm looking forward to: making memories with my sister! it's her sweet sixteen on wednesday and i've got tons of little things planned all week. i really hope she likes it.

3. one thing that'll make my week: if i can walk out either of my exams without thinking "i should've studied more," cause that's the worse. guess i better get back to it then!

thanks to pelayolacazette for this ADORABLE picture
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

(song of the day: irreplacable, beyonce)

so i'm sure i don't have to tell you that things dans mon vie have been absolutely NUTS lately (for more about it, click continue reading). at least i'm finally entering my last week of exams! woohoo! unfortunately, i haven't had as much time to check blogs and things, i've only got five best ofs this week!

ONE. stumbled across this blog called squawkfox, this fun frugal-living blog. and even though this post is super old, i really like what kerry had to say about being the best you.

TWO. check these simple prom makeup how-tos from the daily makeover.

THREE. don't know if you heard, but there's been some buzz lately that archie andrews will finally get down to deciding between betty and veronica. haha. not that i still read the comics, but i'd be interested to know who he picks. (it better be betty!) but i mean, they've promised this before, we'll see how it turns out.

FOUR. collegecandy presents some cool ideas for retooling old jeans.

FIVE. this one's just silly. but i did get a laugh out of other celebrities who're rocking "the kate gosselin." oh photshop. providing endless amusement since 1988.

there's no link for this, but i'm sure everyone's heard that chace crawford is now replacing zac efron in the upcoming footloose remake. i'm kind've against most remakes in the first place, so i'm not sure how i feel about this. what do you think of this? good idea? bad idea?

that's all for me i'm afraid. gotta get back to studying! what was good this week? let me know!

ah yes, my life. i'm the kind of person, that despite the best intentions ends up writing an eight page paper in 36 hours. haha. i'm also the kind of person who'll go out the night before said paper is due, just for fun. haha. i'm so glad linda, saved me from boys night on wednesday. we went to boston pizza and it was awesome, even though i have to say, i really don't like it there all that time. it's cool getting to know people you've known of for a while, but never really KNOWN, and it's even better when you like what you see.

thursday was even more awesome, i finally turned the paper in, i went out for lunch with jenn, and then shopping with vicki and then a girl's night with linda, kristen, and beth! good times. friday was still fun even though i wasn't feeling that well. i was kinda sick all week actually. i lost five pounds not eating, and not by choice! and then i fell and hurt my wrist, cause i'm awesome like that. mm. i'm excited cause there's a barbecue at youth group tonight. haha. i like that i went out more than studied this week. in the coming week though, i'm determined to study for real, cause then i won't have to until september! whoop! wish me luck ♥


got the photo from here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

song of the day:

did anyone catch the premier of glee on fox last tuesday? i'm so behind in life. i finally got around to watching it this morning. and it was SOOO good. though, i'm really biased in this department, a musical tv show? i was on board from their first note. but it's actually really good! snarky, and smart! i can't wait to watch it when it airs in the fall!! early this week, the girls over at thefrisky, predicted five reasons to like glee before it even aired. i whole-heartedly agree.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

ugggh. i've been in an essay coma for the last three day. but i'm taking a teeny tiny break before i get back to it. so, as i mentioned the other day, forever21 launched their contemporary line the other day. and i only just got around to taking a look. and at first, i'm not gonna lie, i didn't really see the difference. it looked like the same great clothes at the same great prices to me! but i'm told, the contemporary line offers a more modest fit. at any rate, i'll have to check it out when school is finally done.

but how cute is this rose chiffon pleat dress? i think i'd wear it with yellow cardigan, just to be different =P it retails for $24.50. you can check out the rest of the line here. alrighty, back to the essay i go.

(this is my one hundreth post! fun times!)

Monday, May 18, 2009

(song of the day: down to earth, peter gabriel)

1. today: even after i swore i wouldn't (i got in WAY too late last night) i woke up early and made my family crepes. we used to make breakfast on saturday morning all the time, so it was kind of nice to do that again. yay for statutory holidays!
2. i'm looking forward to: this week being over! i know that's not very positive, but it's really looking like it's going to be a crazy one. mind you, it DOES have some bright spots in it, some really bright ones. but i'm really looking forward to the loooooong nap i'll be taking next sunday afternoon.
3. one thing that'll make my week: sleep! whenever i have a lot to do, my sleep cycle always suffers, and that's when sleep is most important! i have to remember to work smarter, not harder.

thanks to artsy_T for this beautiful picture.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

(song of the day: 1000 miles, vanessa carlton)

what a week! i have to say though, i'm a little upset that my exams only get worse from here on out. boo. ah well, this weekend has been SO relaxing and it's not even done yet! i'll get to studying... i promise. hahaha. anyway! on with the best ofs!

ONE. if there's one thing you check out, please make it the 1000 awesome things blog! for a few months now, this guy named neil has just been counting down a thousand random things that are well... awesome. he's so funny and optimistic! i love his style. i check it every day and smile every time. (actually, the first day i found it, i spent TWO HOURS reading them all). the "awesome thing" that got me this week was, when you go to the store and find the last of the item you want in your size! awesome!

TWO. bellasugar found this super great idea for stopping your eyeliner pencils from breaking in the sharpener.

THREE. another cool tip, via Lucky, for protecting your nail polish! i just tried it out, i'll let you know how it goes.

FOUR. there's a rumour "noob" by the added to the dictionary. i laughed a little =P

FIVE. they posted a new trailer for princess and the frog. i have a certain weakness/fondness/obsession? for disney movies. so i'll be sure to watch it when it comes out. have to say though, based on the trailer, it's already going to be different than i thought it would be.

SIX. cosmo posted some tips on how to lose five pounds fast. i have to say, they don't even sound that bad. i might even try them! (i had takeout everyday this week, NOT good!!!) they just sound so reasonable.

SEVEN. this week freida pinto was named the new spokesperson for l'oreal. and accordingly, i'm thinking completely different about their products. she could make me buy anything. haha.

EIGHT. this picture made me laugh. it's a cute new way to think of the "LBD."

NINE. they've certainly been busy at forever21 lately! on may 19th they're launching their contemporary line love21. they tweeted some of the new looks this week! this one, this one and this one.

TEN. and speaking of forever21, they also revamped their basics collection. f21 basics are THE best. i need to go back over the border and stock up.

that's all for me! ciao!

Friday, May 15, 2009

so i have about a THOUSAND extra pics from that tutorial i just did, so i'm cataloguing my makeup look to get rid of a few more of them. i started out using this how to from allure as a base and moved from there.

allure suggested using a dark cocoa shadow, so i used the darkest shade in my revlon colourstay eyeshadow quad all over the lid.

i think brown shadow is SO underrated! especially for night time looks like this one. it gives your eyes just enough shimmer without being like "hey! i've got makeup on." c'est parfait!

i did the usual with my eyeliner and mascara (from nyx and rimmel, respectively). the lip stain that i'm still obsessing over is from joe fresh. and that's it for me! no blush or foundation or anything! well i suppose you could also count my mosturizer (something from bioré). and that's all!

now for clothes, i had a black blazer on, but then it got super hot in my bathroom. i realized later that i should've taken some pics with it on, but didn't really want to take any more pictures. (seriously, i took more than 100 in about an hour's time =S) so in terms of clothes:

dangly earrings: H&M, $5
white tee: walmart, $10
the "latika" scarf: garage, $6

okay now. prepare for massive pic spam, after the jump.

so i just noticed i have this super weird tendency to pull on my scarf! i didn't even realize i did that! soooo strange. anyway, if you made it this far, which picture do you like best? i'm in need of a new facebook profile pic! thanks!


(song of the day: i wanna know you, david archuleta )

heyhey! it's been one crazy week, and unfortunately the next two don't really look like they're going to be any better. but i'm taking a study break to bring you my first tutorial! how to apply a lipstain! here's the before photo! woohoo! okay on second thought, there's nothing really exciting about the before photo, it's the end shot that's the fun. here we go!

1. first things first? you need to exfoliate your lips in whatever way works for you. there's a combo lip gloss and brown sugar scrub that i got from bath and body works and absolutely love. but all you really need is a good scrub with a wash cloth. note that lip stains are meant to sink into your bare lips, so after you've scrubbed them resist the temptation to put a balm on.

UPDATE: check my post on how to exfoliate your lips!, outline the natural shape of your lips with the lip stain. be sure to drop your jaw and get all the way to the back corners. i don't see any reason why you'd need lip liner for this look. this is mostly to trace the lips and make sure you don't go outside the lines!

3. does it sound like colouring? mostly cause it is! while filling in your lips, i reccomend going in a diagonal direction and moving across both lips until covered. if desired, wait for lips to dry (approx 1 min.) and add another layer for intensity.

4. and there we go! the picture at left is the finished product, but you can totally put a balm or gloss on if you so choose! here is a glossy finished product at right. voila!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


dunno what you've been reading lately, but everywhere i turn these days it seems like someone or other is going on about jean jackets being back in. vicki was talking the other day about how jean jackets don't really work for her, and i totally agree! whenever i put mine on i feel like i just fell out of the nineties. but then i came across this lookbook photo from julia f, and it made me near want to dig into the recesses of my closet and pull mine out. how cool is this look? (and those shoes! SO cute!) i still might need a little convincing. what do you think of the whole thing?

are jean jean jackets...
a yay?
or nay?
See Results

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

song of the day: crash the party, ok go

i don't know if you've noticed, but i'm OBSESSED with how to. writing it, but especially reading it. so i was majorly excited when matt introduced me to howcast. there's a youtube channel and a website teeming with videos on how to do almost everything. it was founded by some guys who used to work for google and youtube. the videos are just made by emerging filmmakers, they're always looking for more videos. something they're funny, but they're always informative. the videos are short and easy to digest. i'm totally hooked! i love learning random things, like how to urvive a bad table at a wedding, how to use aromatherapy to improve your life, how to get a date with absolutely anyone, or how to fix a wet laptop (though they don't promise 100% luck with that one).

i have to say, this video about body language was one of my favourite. obviously. haha.

but they have some great fashion and makeup tutorials too. learned tons from this one about how to walk in high heels, and how to apply blush. there are TONS! too many to name really. it might be helpful to check them out by category: arts, business, careers, cars, hobbies, environments, first aid, food, games, health, holidays, house, kids, language, mind &body, parenting, performing arts, personal care & style, pets, religion, sex & relationships, sports, technology and travel! haha. that kind of narrows things down a bit. still, there are more than a 1000 videos to peruse. i could spend hours (and sometimes do.) hahah. i find the most random things to amuse myself. hahaha. let me know if you check it out!

-ciao for now!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"there's no substitute for feeling like yourself in your clothes. that's where glamour starts."

-zanthipi joannides,
fashion director

got the photo here, quote by glamour.

Monday, May 11, 2009

(song of the day: the call, regina spektor)

here i go again, airing my neuroses. but i do find it v. therapeutic though. so here's the deal. i've been noticing one the the things that comes out of my mouth is "i'm sorry." i apologize for everything to everyone. i feel like westley in wanted. i'm thinking about three things that happened this weekend.

i was at work making at balloons last saturday morning and there were a lot of people in the cage. (err. behind the counter at work. it's all the balloon cage cause a part of it is fenced in to keep the balloons from hitting the ceiling) a guy who works there (who i will call WD) came in because he needed to ask me something. i was in the middle of talking to a customer AND putting a bouquet together, so i told him where to find what he was looking for. but when WD was walking toward me i was like "sorry" and threw myself out of his way. and he said point blank, "i could've gone around you know. and i'm the one interrupting you, asking you for a favour when you're clearly busy. so what are you sorry for?"

ever since WD brought it up, i've been super aware of it all weekend. like i was hanging out with someone else playing taboo, and even though i was the highest scoring member on our team (not bragging, real fact) i kept apologizing for not doing better for some reason. don't get me wrong, there are times to say your sorry, even sometimes when you don't mean it. but it's not just about being polite.

read more and the fix, after the jump.

those examples weren't the only time. i say sorry if i get in the same elevator as someone else, only because they've gotten there first. i say sorry when someone else steps on my foot as if it's my fault it was there in the first place. apologzing is kind've like breathing for me. i'm a caring person, and i really do hate to offend, but i think it's a bit much. saying sorry doesn't even really register to me any more. for me, the word has lost its meaning. and i hate saying things i don't mean. i hate that i do it all together. i think that sometimes, apologizing makes you appear weaker. it's like putting yourself down, in a way.

i can't even really say why i do it so much. it's probably a confidence thing. and i also want to make everyone happy. but i don't want to think too much about it, sometimes self reflection is gross. like poking your own insides. so i'm skipping right to the solution. i mean, i'm working on the confidence thing everyday, but there's gotta be something more.

i'm making a list. you should never apologize for:

-things that weren't your fault. WD was right. it totally makes sense that i want to make people feel happy/better/comfortable. but i shouldn't apologize for that! there's always the chance, that people could turn around and really think it IS my fault (it's happened before). they can take my saying sorry as an admission. so maybe next time someone's steps on my toe, instead of apologizing, maybe i'll just accept their apology. and if one's not offered, i should just forget about it.

-things outside your control. sometimes crap happens and there's nothing you can do about it. (whoa, just got the urge to sing 'hakuna matata'). i should never apologize for things that happens that have nothing to do with me or anyone else. sometimes it rains, or buses are late, plans get cancelled. there are other examples. the next time "i'm sorry" is about to come out of my mouth, i'll think long and hard about what it is i'm apologizing for. if i really had nothing to do with it. i won't say it.

what about you? anyone else find they have the same problem i do. do you have anything to add to the list?

one final thought. i can't stand john tesh, but he does give good advice. "don't be nice at the expense of undervaluing yourself." that's the last thing i wanna do! wish me luck! and a good week to you as well!

check the photo here.

i am currently in LOVE with zachary quinto. he is a large part of my soft spot for sylar. and i totally share his affinity for converse. not to mention star trek was BEYOND AWESOME. it's actually probably the best movie i've seen so far this year. andddd zachary managed to be hot despite vulcan ears and a wicked bowl cut. hahaha. and even when it was like 1am i squealed at the top of my lungs when he appeared with leonard nimoy and chris pine on SNL. oh zachary quinto, je t'aime ♥

new section. what what? there was no warning because i only decided to do this ten minutes ago. i'm sure most of you are familiar with FML (eff my life) by now. (breif summary: people from all over the world share stories of the crappy things that've happened to them. the stories must start with "today" and end with "fml".) they're unforunate for them, but funny for everyone else. but it seems like more and more (outside the actual website) "fml" is appearing in everyday language from pretty much everyone i know. i think there's definitely a positive side to talking about the bad things that happen do you, but i think sometimes people take it a little too far. i have to say, my weekend wasn't all that good. and the temptation to dwell on the bad was tempting. always remember to love your life!

as a reminder i'm going to list off three great things about my life every monday. (preferrably every monday morning, but as you can see, i'm a little late for today.) jenn and i do something similar, and we kinda got the idea from glamour as well. i'm a firm believer in the power of positive thought, and i've found that whenever we write them it really does help me concentrate on the good.

so the first thing will be something good about today. (and it'll start with today, just like the the real fmls :P) and the second will be something i'm looking forward to. (i don't know about you, but i'm always a lot happier when i've got something to look forward to) and the third will be one thing that could make the day i'm having (whether it's good or bad) even better. it could be a song, a promise, a bible verse, a food, a person? just something to get you through the week. so here we go!

1. today, i was realizing that i take my ability to read for granted. i was doing some standardized testing today, kind've ticked off that i was subject to it. and then i was stuck beside something who was sounding out EVERY word in what was supposed to be a silent test. and first i was really annoyed. but then i realized that the test wouldn't be easy for everyone. and i was reminded of just how i lucky i was to have grown up and gone to school where i did.
2. i'm most looking forward to all the season finales this week! even though i'm sad my shows will be over, i'm totally plotting my weeknights around the tv schedule =P house starts in just a few minutes!
3. one thing that'll make my week: the reese cup ice cream that's in the fridge. i've been doing one question from my homework and then one spoonful of icecream and then repeat! delish!

so that's it for me! i'm not saying it'll work for everone, you don't have to feel the same. it'd be awesome if you did it too! if not in your heads, than in the comments section so i can read it too!

thanks to florian holtje for the picture.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

(song of the day: realize, colbie callait)

i owe you, dear reader, one SUPER big apology. this week i just entered exam season and this blog has suffered certain neglect! i can't promise i'll be able to post as much i usually do in the next three weeks, but i'll certainly give it a try! the good thing is, once school's out of the way, i'll have tons of time! (i can't wait!) anyway, here are the best ofs this week!

ONE. the team sugar blog put together a pretty sweet guide on how to make your own gossip girl inspired headband. just another DIY to add to my long list of things to do when i'm done school.

TWO. temptalia featured the new OPI fall collection: espana. too. gorg. for. words! (i don't know if you noticed, but i'm currently having a love affair with OPI polish. i bought two today actually. (check it out at right, that shade is called party in my cabana) and that reminds me!

THREE. if you're anywhere near the Trade Secrets in the heartland town center ALL of their OPI polish is just $6.99. Absolutely everything! Even the spring line! I got two of the newish polishes for like $3 cheaper. that my friends, is a good day. forgot to ask how long it's on though! so check it out asap.

FOUR. i actually found a whole stack of new blogs to become addicted to read. the budget fashionista was one of them. she (they? i actually don't know.) put together a designer dictionary! it lists top designers and tells you what they're about and most importantly a pronounciation guide =P brilliant! and it doesn't even take that long to read. and then you've got a complete fashion history! check out the designers from A to G, from H to M, and N to Z.

FIVE. have you ever had a hard time figuring out your face shape? i know i do. i found this quiz, via that actually pins it down pretty well. the questions make it really simple to determine your real shape!

SIX. collegecandy's always good for a laugh. they were counting down the six most common facebook pictures. i'm totally number one. what are you?

SEVEN. i have to say, i don't like the concept of monopoly. running around buying properties? mortgaging? goes right over my head. but i absolutely LOVE the boards they come up with. i just counted, my family's got FOUR different versions of the game, most of them never even played. haha. even still, when i saw the SEPHORA edition of monopoly, i almost screamed. how cool would that be!!! i'm totally checking for it next time i'm in there.

EIGHT. i love the computer and all, but i still write a TON of things by hand. who knows how but i always end up with pen marks all the way up to my elbows. i hate when it gets on my nails because then you have to take off the whole coat. enter all lacquered up (as if they needed another reason to be my favourite nail polish blog.) check out this trick that'll help you remove pen stains without damaging your coat of nail polish.

NINE. karen at the makeupandbeautyblog put together a pretty cool list of makeup tutorials. she actually inspired me to make my own, so stay tuned for that. don't forget to check out the list.

TEN. tomorrow's mother's day! the girls at the frisky were talking about the best beauty advice they've gotten from their moms. what pearls of fashion wisdom has your mom bestowed on you?

shwew! that's all for now! catch you later!


today i'm loving... motorcylce jackets!

thanks to weroniczka

which are pretty much the same as the leather jacket trend i've been drooling about. how CUTE is this polyvore look? i'm loving the biker jacket in lavender. it's so sassy and sweet. the drool's hitting the keyboard..... now.

do you ever look at pictures and then go out and but the recurring items? it's basically how i make my shopping lists. and i've gathered the next thing i need to buy is a full patterned skirt! i'm loving both of them in the respective sets. bella! are you feeling this looks as much as i am? orrrrrr do you have polyvore? add me!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

(song of the day: pieces of me, ashlee simpson)


heyhey! i'm just taking a second to write about "probiotics." the term's been thrown around EVERYWHERE these days, and it occured to me recently that i have no idea what it is! anyone else have this problem? it's about to be solved =)

so apparently probiotics are teeny tiny living organisms (bacteria) that can contribute to healthy immune and digestive system. it's so readily available in yogurt because there are already bacterial cultures present. but my mom made some probiotic fortified potatoes the other day.

they're becoming more and more common because they're such a good way to boost your immune system. the only catch? you only really get the effects if you continue to ingest them. i'm talking of at least a month or more.

you also have to be a little careful because the term probiotic isn't regulated. food products are able to slap the "probiotics" label whether they have a million active cultures per gram or 100 million. so the choice to eat them if up to you, but of course, it couldn't hurt! let me know if this was informative at all! =)


did a lot of my research here.

so i'm thinking i need to get back into bluenotes soon. gotta love that all through junior high they were my one stop shop for those witty graphic tees, i've kinda forgotten in recent months that they sell a lot of awesome basics as well. so i was flipping through their website and this outfit jumped out at me in like two seconds! (and i probably would've added these awesome grey canvas skimmers) all i can say? thank GOODNESS today is payday =P

product info: dress, scarf (on sale!), vest.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

(song of the day: behind enemy lines, demi lovato

Turn Your Closet into a DIY Dream

yesterday was one of those really tiring but nonetheless lovely days. my aunt's been with the same job for thirty years so they threw her this big dinner party thing and my whole family got dressed up and went to this swanky dinner downtown. one of t hose four course deals that give you lemon sorbet right in the middle to "cleanse the palette." hahaha. it was really fun but when i came home i had to do, you know, real work, and that left me with no time to write. yesterday was supposed to be the other half of the closet organizing tips! i'll be honest. i've done two more loads of laundry, but my closet looks exactly the same. there just hasn't been time to give it a good clean! at least i'll know how when the time comes.

check out part one, if you didn't already. here are a few more tips to consider when organizing:

when thinking about organizing your closet, think about the way your favourite store is organized. pretending you're merchandising a boutique. (how luxurious!) in stores, clothes are generally organized by occasion and style with similar or matching colours placed together. they want to make it easy for you to buy things that make a complete outfit. what items are you more likely to pair together? also, think about showcasing your style and keeping harmony all through your closet.

i have a second dresser smack dab in the middle of my closet, what works for me is putting all of my dressier/fancier/church clothes in one side and then the more regular stuff on the other side. then i kind of place them in outfits on the rack. it might work for you to organize them completely by colour too. i read that works as well. it's whatever keeps you more organized really.

here's a tip i learned from tyra! purchase thick hangers of all the same colour. ditch the plastic and wire ones! they only bend and break and cause more mess. when you're putting your closet back together, place them all on the far side of the rod. and then, as you begin using your clothes, switch the hanger to the other side. and the next time you go to clean out your closet, check out which items are on hangers that are facing the original way. you might just have your contenders for what to whittle out next time!

check out some closet organizers (ikea has REALLY cool ones. but zellers and walmart are good for organizers on the cheap) and find one that works for you!

another, and much more fun suggestion? take photos of yourself in favourite outfits and tape them to the front of the wardrobe door. that way you'll have instant inspiration next time you blank on an outfit idea! some other things you want to post up there? jot down an honest list of five things you've been buying too much of, things you've bought and never worn, and things you're actually in need off. this'll help to inform your shopping choices over the next six months and make your next cleaning easier!

et voila! one organized closet. go celebrate by buying yourself something nice =P


got the photo from here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

morning! so these are my favourite looks from last night's met costume institute gala. that teal colour looks soooo good on blake lively, don't you think? the versace gown is a little leggy for me, but she totally has to gams to pull it off. haha. gams. i love how she always keeps her hair so simple on the red carpet.

eva mendes wins my "most likely to wear." the dress is by calvin klein. and it's so simple and pretty! that kind of champagne thing looks really good on her. i'd accesorize with long necklaces too! bella!

i LOVE anne hathaway's dress. i'm have a weakness for marc jacobs and the colour purple. i don't know if you can see in the picture but there's actually a little zipper that cinches the dress together. and i love the platform sandals as well! the only thing i'm not feeling is the whole bouffant hairdo, but that could be just me.

what do you think? i got all my pictures from justjared, check it out for a bunch more celebs at the gala. who's your favourite?

Monday, May 4, 2009

(song of the day: you're still you, josh groban)

i love my mom. she gives great advice on pretty much everything. EXCEPT when it comes to what to get her for mother's day/christmas/birthdays etc. and it seems like she has EVERYTHING and she's extremely strange. (i mean, she'll balk at the notebook, but war of the worlds can make her cry) she's not exactly the easiest to buy for. i've been wracking my brain for a while now. this top ten's a mishmash, some ideas and some websites with MORE ideas. enjoy.

1 ♥ there's nothing my mom likes more than a night off of the kitchen and a dinner at her favourite restaurant. word of warning now, if you're thinking about taking your mom out at anytime in the next weekend, book your reservations asap!

2 ♥ glamour composed a gift guide for this year. i think their gifts are a little off the wall though. anyone else find them kinda quirky? but i mean sometimes quirky is good.

3 ♥ my mom's NOT a spa person. she hates being touched. but she does like to treat herself once in a while. there are a lot of places that have put together pedicure/manicure sets at special mother's day prices! i might be picking one of those up come sunday

4 ♥ style bakery put together a snazzy mother's day gift guide as well. check out parts one and two.

Just because it's pretty... by nichbri.

5 ♥ you can'r really go wrong with stuff that smells good. it's like a weakness of women everwhere. whether they're flowers, candles, fancy body wash, chic perfume, or even her favourite coffee. it's a guaranteed mom favourite!

6 ♥ photos! there are a number of photos around my house that need to be updated. there's a picture frame hanging in our stairway that's at least twenty years old. my fifteen year old sister isn't even featured. so her and i were thinking about updating that one. if we fill the multi-photo fram with pictures, it's almost like a handmade gift. see if you can find a cool digital picture frame! there are some even in keychain form. so you can be with her always.

7 ♥ actually has a pretty cool feature where you can shop gift ideas based on personality. i'm thinking my mom's "the achiever" what's yours?

8 ♥ i've done this before. i've raided her makeup cupboard, bathroom counter and bought all the stuff she was running out of. i placed it all in one of those fancy baskets with the plastic wrap and she really liked it! can't go wrong when you KNOW you're getting stuff she already likes.

9 ♥ books! i think books are a great gift. and the viewers polled at the women's network agree. stick with what she's interested in: mystery novels, fashion mags, or maybe even crosswords. the most important additional item to this gift? TIME to read it. let her relax, she'll be grateful.

10 ♥ do not forget a sappy card! or letter, or maybe just a REALLY big hug. it's important to use your own words. even if you love your mom, never forget to tell her!

my only caution for mother's day shopping? don't get her anything that reminds her off housework, or anything like that. i remember a few years ago, my sister and i got her a garbage can. yes, a garbage can. in our defense she HAD been saying we needed a new one and we DID stuff it with a really nice bouquet of flowers, but i really wouldn't say it's her best gift. try and come up with something just for her! and also, you might wanna try and give a gift that actually means you can spend time with her. moms love that. haha. okay. that's all for me! later my lovelies!


(thanks to nichbri for the photo)

i'm not sure if you watch house, but if you missed tonight's episode i'm totally about to spoil it for you.

i don't know about you but one of my FAVOURITE things in the world is when tv characters finally get together. the sexual tension between house and cuddy has been paramount all season long! and when house admitted in his own twisted way that he likes/loves her? MAGIC. i was so giddy. i squealed when they kissed. cause i'm cool like that. do you vicariously live through your favourite tv characters? i do.

(the picture belongs to this sweet article/interview with lisa edelstein. read about the upcoming"huddy" hookup!)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

(song of the day: broken strings, james morrison and nelly furtado)

hope you're having a better day than i am! here are the best ofs for this week mes cheries. i found ten again just pour vous! =)

ONE. over at afrobella she writes about "when nude is not nude," offering suggestions for people who don't really suit the typical "nude." interesting post!

TWO. over at the positivity blog they talk about how to stop procrastinating. great advice i'll probably never follow...

THREE. check out this free 20 minute work out from college candy. even though it seems easy enough, i'm not gonna lie. i'll probably never do it. but you might! =)

FOUR. college candy also blogged about how to get the vanessa hudgens look i blogged about the other day.

FIVE. one more from college candy, i swear. hahah. i wouldn't read it so much if i didn't feel like it spoke to me so much, you know? they were talking about ways to cut costs; especially as schools ending. and it's all just so practical. i love that it's written by college/university students. check it out.

FIVE. oh oh! here's a fun one. to celebrate their 10th anniversary NYX cosmetics is offering 50% off their ENTIRE website from now until may 15th. i've never blogged about them before, but NYX cosmetics are reeeeally high quality and drug store price. their website has a lot of selection that we can't get here as well. i'm a fan. get it here.

SIX. i found this cool.... i was gonna say recipe... can't think of the right word. anyway, find out how to make this cool skirt out of 2 t-shirts (perhaps with the ones you whittled from your wardrobe the other day?) i like the way it looks and it seems easy enough. i might even give it a try!

SEVEN. whowhatwear wrote about barbie lips; pegging them as a hot new trend for spring. i'm a fan, especially cause i just found a bright pink lipstick that doesn't make me look like a crazy person =P

EIGHT. the plus size line at forever21 is finally up! they've got some really nice stuff over there. but is it just me, or do they just not look that big? i mean, there stuff fits kinda small in the first place. i mean, i think people's idea of "plus size" is all over the place.

NINE. over at chicstories they posted some fashion do's for shorter girls. enjoy!

TEN. i'm sorry i can not stop GAWKING at this lace braid hair style. they posted about a great how-to slideshow over at bellasugar. although i realize with the way my hair is now, i probably can't do it anymore.

that's all for now. see you monday!

Friday, May 1, 2009

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."
-Mark Twain

Photo Courtesy of bee hives.

maydaymayday! not because it's the first of may, but because my room is an absolute disaster. i neeed closet organizing tips, yesterday. i'm not sure why avid shopper and pack rat are traits that always seem to go to gether. why can't i be a meticulous pack rat? i'm about to bring up my summer clothes from the basement, but i think i should weed through the old ones first. i scoured the seven internet seas for tips on wardrobe cleanup and organization. there was SO much i found on this i had to split it up. part one today, part two to come next week!

today i'm writing about trimming down the unused things from your wardrobe. i know there are lot of things in there that i haven't worn in forever. the average person only uses 20% of their wardrobe so there MUST be stuff that can go. i HATE throwing/giving clothes away. absolutely hate it. but it must be done! that above? is my before picture of my real room. AFTER i'd been cleaning for an hour >.<. i'm hoping the shame of seeing it up there will really push me to do this. as soon as my paper's written. okay, here we go.

you will need:
plenty of free time ( 2 hours min.),
music (if the right song is on, i'll forget i'm doing actual work)
garbage bags

a friend

take everything out of your closet, i'm told that's the only way to do this. note: it only really works if you start with a clean room. first and foremost. pick your twenty can't live with out items and move them right back in. these should be the versatile items, the tried and true ones. not frilly pieces i mean wardrobe staples like, an oxford blouse, favouite pair of jeans, or that go anywhere dress. now for what's left. i don't really buy the rule that says after you haven't used it a year you have to get rid of it. i have a section of "church clothes" or just fancy wear that i keep for special occasions and i don't really see anything wrong with that! i think you should determine what you're going to throw away by a number of criteria.

most importantly? fit. if it's too big or too small, if it's not flattering for your skin tone or body type just get rid of it. clothes, no matter what they look like should make you FEEL amazing first. it doesn't matter if its a fabulous piece or you paid a lot for it. don't let that guilt you in to keeping something that just doesn't work for you. also consider function and practicality, if it's a great pair of jeans you can't sit down in there's really no point in keeping them. the best way to see what else belongs in your wardrobe is to try it on. this is wear the music comes in. have fun with it!

consider style. remember that fashion changes but style doesn't. if you bought a piece of clothing that was "in" last year but isn't really you there's a smaller chance of you wearing it agian. are you going for particular look? i'd keep your style muses in mind. before you go into your closet, i'd research (and write down) the kinds of items that reflect that same look and seriously consider trimming the things that don't. remember that clothes, unlike cheese and fine wine, do NOT get better with age. in fact there's probably a smaller and smaller chance that you'll wear them as time goes on.

think about quantity. is this your fifth pair of medium wash skinny jeans, surely one of them can go? i know i have a DRAWER full of jeans, but i only really wear the same five pairs. consider an item's wearability. if that top only goes with ONE pair of pants that you own it's just taking up space, maybe it's time to let it go.

a friend would be realy helpful here cause they could (mostly objectively) tell you what looks good and what doesn't, what you'll actually wear and what you won't.

anyway, with all that in mind, i'd place the items that make the cut back into your closet and put the rest in a garbage bag to donate later. (see my suggestions for what to do with old clothes below)

if there are a few items you can't quite put back in your closet and can't bear to throw away quite yet (i know i will =P) try giving them a probation period. take all those "someday" items out of the closet and store them somewhere else. and in a year when you finally haven't touched them, you'll feel better about throwing them away.

and voila! a whittled wardrobe! here are a few followup notes under the cut!

-see the pieces that are left over and try and make some NEW outfits. soemone pointed out that you never really run out of clothes you only run out of ideas. go on shuffle. throw new things together and see how they work. be sure to take pictures or write them down!
-take note of the things you're giving away. if they all seem to be the same type of thing, make a note NOT to buy them again.
-do this every six months, almost like getting hair cut!
-and here's what to do with your discarded clothes: remember, what you don't need someone else might! your local goodwill is always good for donations. if you want to make money off it, you could always sell your clothes on ebay, sell them to a consignment shop or have a garage sale. OR if you have friends that are the same size and that smell good, try having a clothes swap party. everyone wins!

and next week, i'll give you some great tips on how to organize your whittled down closet! till then!


P.S. check this blog by denise fisher for more tips on how to get organized and what to do with the clothes you don't wear.