(song of the day: up and up, relient k)

i'd like thank vicki for introducing me to my current obsession for this week! after i posted about lookbook the other day, vicki brought weardrobe to my attention. i suppose it's a lot like lookbook in that people sign up and submit pictures of their outfit. except you don't need an invitation to join. (which is a big relief for me, i've been building a lookbook portfolio for a while now, and it was never really up to snuff) check what they're all about.

that's another big difference, i do find that weardrobe is not as pretentious. also, vicki pointed out there's a better focus on fashion. whenever i'm on lookbook i get swept up in the photography of it all. there are some fabulous photos on there but that doesn't necessarily translate to good outfits you know? not that i'm knocking lookbook, i still love it. i just find that the looks on weardrobe are a little more attainable. i've only got one picture up so far, but you can check my profile. here are some of my favourites so far. i'll probably be copying these some time in the future!

oh yeah! and they smile! regrettably, i forgot to take down the names of the people who took these pictures! credit goes to those who took them! :S that's all for me! if you care to catch up on my life, continue reading!

today was absolutey fabulous! i mean yesterday had its challenges i had a huge fight with my sister and then i got some really bad news. but i decided today was going to be good! i sang in the shower LOUDLY, i wasn't really wearing anything special, but i felt kind of pretty from the inside, you know? it's a good feeling. and then today i talked to not one but THREE hot guys, without freaking out or anything. haha. it was definitely "cruise-bethany," hahah, only linda would know what that fully means.

and wish me luck! i entered this blogging contest for loulou magazine and it would be awesome to win! i'm headed to the hairdresser's tomorrow and i'm very excited about it. i hope it turns out the way i like. and then, i'm hanging out with my aunt, and then headed to quest. exciting day! that's all for me! thanks for reading!