(song of the day: don't make me wait, locksley)

"you can't hurry love." how many songs sound like this? and i still refused to believe it was true until just a few days ago. i think one of my many downfalls is that i'm so susceptible to tv. cause i mean on tv you can fall in love within the span of a half hour. you don't even have to be friends first. that person might not even like you when the episode opens. but by the end? they're in love. real love. just like that. in movies it takes two hours max, with a kiss just before the credits roll. the end!

and for a long time i've just been wayiting for this DAY, you know, where everything would just fall into place. everything would just happen. just like it does on TV. i think my life's been fortunate in a number of ways. and i'm kind've just used to things being instantaneous. things in my life kind've just happen with minimal effort on my part and i assumed relationships were like that too.

but i suppose i'm just telling you what you already know, most people don't mistake real life for television. (but oh how i envy its easy answers, laugh track and brisk storylines!) so yeah, feel free to welcome me to the real world now.

haha. yeah, i find it hilarious that i said i wouldn't write anything about love and all that and now i can't seem to stop =P haha. i've just been thinking about these kinds of things for a while now. alrighty, i've got an essay calling my name.

Photo courtesy of Psyhcadelic Tuna.