good afternoon! i have to admit, i wasn't expecting writing everyday to be such a challenge. on friday i meant to write a "current obsession" piece but i didn't have time after the good friday service cause i had to pack and then leave. so my mystery vacation took me too.... niagara/buffalo. hah. i could've expected as much. it was still REALLY fun though. my mom sprung for a really nice suite, with one of those whirpool tubs thingers. we ate at the keg and i ate WAY too much. and then today we did shopping and the cheesecake. again too much eating and WAY too much shopping. i think i spent like $200. stupid visa, with its limitlessness =P don't really know what i'm going to do about that one, but luckily the bill won't come until next month. woohoo! i love everything i bought though! you can bet i'll be blogging about that soon. okay, enough small talk, i'll get to it.

ONE // this week newsweek made did a feature on the average costs of beauty "maintenence" over a lifetime. it isn't easy beaing beautiful -or cheap! i think their numbers are still kinda high though. let me know what you think.

TWO // the girls at glamour certainly had sisters on the brain this week. do you have a sister? i do. and i absolutely LOVE her. here's why having a sister can make you happy and here's how she's good for your health.

THREE // so i was clicking around on perez and found eric hutchinson's new music vid for okay it's alright with me. i can't decide if he's cute or not. but i definitely LOVE song and the video's pretty cool too

FOUR // i wish i had a pair of chain booties! they are so fierce! if you're fortunate enough to own a pair of ankle books, i found a cute way to spiff them up courtesy of fabsugar .

FIVE // over at whowhatwear they did a rundown of some really cool rompers , not sure if it's enough to convert me on the trend though. we'll have to see!

okay. that's all for me! happy easter!