When I started writing this, I was trying to pick three for each category, and this is what happened. I kept closest to the quota in this category though, and here we go, from left to right.

Tilda Swinton:
This isn't necesarily her fault, but ever since seeing her in Chronicles of Narnia, I can't help feeling like Tilda Swinton's going to stare into my soul or eat my babies! I'm not going to pretend I'm not biased here, I'm really not a fan of her crazy knotted dress. Maybe in a different colour? The nude coloured top and blond hair completely washes her out. Plus, the material's to thin, she could rip free at any moment and stab me with her spear.

Heidi Klum
: First, I LOVE Heidi Klum, I think she's so cute! But not in this Roland Mouret architectural number. It's not particularly flattering for her in colour nor shape.

Beyoncé: Whenever I see this dress, particularly in this pose, I can't help but think she looks like Lumiere, from Beauty and the Beast? I don't really know why. But I know I really don't like this dress. She has great curves, but they just looked trapped in this printed monstrosity. Bias, again, I'm not a fan of the fishtail look. I'm not sure if it was silly or smart not to wear any jewellery. She looked hot when she changed for that musical number though!

Miley: She's not here because I hate her, I promise. She's here because it looks like she showered in glue and rolled around in a glittler factory. Yes Miley, you are the saddest girl in sequins.

DisHonourable Mention: I got too lazy to find a picture of Jessica Biel's dress. But if you happen to see it, is it not true that it looks like she tucked a napkin into her dress and left it there? And Melissa George (yeah, i've never heard of her either) looks like she wore the inside of a dress. The leopard print muumuu that Whoopi Goldberg wore should be burned. Wish I could burn it from my eyesight, more like.

I would hate to end on a bad note, so some of my favourite moments from the show itself include: Anne Hathaway joining into the opening musical number, all of the musical numbers really and Ben Stiller pulling a Joaquin Phoenix.