(song of the day: put your records on, corinne bailey rae)

it's saturday again! all things considered, i'd have to say it was a pretty great week. nothing spectacular, but just a bunch of good days all round. the sun was shining, i wore my first tightless-dress of the season, i got a new haircut and i found TEN things i really liked this week.. lucky you!

ONE. i have to say, i'm enamoured with the IDEA of thrift store shopping, but i've never actually taken it out in practice. as part of her dream style series, megan over at charade shared a few dos and don'ts when it comes to the "art" of thrift store shopping.

TWO. (it feels like i do these numbers differently every time? i really should look this up =P) i love college candy and of course could not resist their tips to pick up guys that they posted on monday. funny and helpful!

THREE. anybody else familiar with the TeamSugar family of blogs? i'm pretty sure i've posted about fabsugar and bellasugar (fashion and beauty blogs respectively) before. i visit there frequently. but i didn't realize that celebstyle was a part of their family. it basically just breaks down celebrity looks into more accesible and wearable ways. i'm down!

FOUR. sometime this week vicki showed me this joke translator that turns regular english into that dreaded twelve-year old on aol-speak. "IT ALMOST HURTS 2 R3AD!111!1!! WTF LOL" hahaha. made me laugh though.

FIVE. and speaking of vicki! check out her entertainment blog =)

SIX. how great did everyone look at coachella last week? check out celeb looks courtesy of the blog at elle.com.

SEVEN. read on fabsugar that rachel bilson's going to become a new guest writer for InStyle, check out her first colum in their May 2009 issue.

EIGHT. when i was thinking about what i wanted to do with my hair i googled spring's top hair trends and came across this post from primped.

NINE. i have an unhealthy addiction for alex pettyfer (at right). i wish he'd update his twitter more. (if it really is him, i hate that it's so hard to tell sometimes, you know?) anyway, rumour has it the british hottie is set to star in a modern retelling of beauty and beast alongside vanessa hudgens. crossing my fingers for that one! he needs to do a little less modelling and a lot more movies.

TEN. as you know, i LOVE braids. can not get enough of them. but i realized with the new haircut i'm going to have to get creative as to how i do them! this week on fabsugar they showcased eight new ways celebs have been wearing braids lately. is it really a shocker that lauren conrad shows up twice on the list? though i have to say, i've copied both those looks. and i wore braids the way mandy moore did when i was away last weekend. it's so easy and comfortable. sometimes i'm into no fuss. and i LOVE the way kate hudson did hers, but my hairs not long enough =(

anyway, that's all my lovelies. what's the best thing you found this week? enjoy the rest of le weekend!