(song of the day: buttons, sia)
i still can't believe i'm writing this. if i were you i'm not sure i'd be taking health advice from the girl who yesterday ate her weight in mini "Reese"-ter eggs and then had the gall to make rainbow chip cookies. i ate twelve and gave myself a tummy ache. cause i'm awesome like that. i've eaten SO much this weekend. between dinners at the keg and cheesecake factory while i was away, and then turkey dinner on sunday i couldn't even bring myself to step on the scale this morning.

but i did good today. i didn't have any chocolate/sweets whatsoever. but it was NOT easy, let me tell you. i've known for a while now that sugar is a large part of what gives me my sunny disposition. i was WAY cranky, but i know my body was grateful. i also went out in search of a new ab exercise. (cause i know that's right where my fancy dinners/easter chocolates are heading) i found one, courtesy of glamour of course!

it's called the half circle. and it's meant work the front and sides of your abdomen. and you don't need any equipment! pull up a piece of solid ground.

prop yourself up on your elbows with your palms down, as shown.

lift your legs up at a 45 degree angle, keeping them pressed together and tightening your abs.

in a fluid half circle motion, roll your legs to the right and then to the left. you've just completed one rep! do them in sets of ten!

i'm doing them now during commercials as i'm watching fringe. i can't say it's easy... or fun. but i suppose that's the point. that's all for me! have a happy tuesday!