original post date: march 25, 2009
(song of the day: waiting, the rocket summer)

so right now i'm hating that the calendar says spring time and the weather has decided not to co-operate. we're in that awkward still kind of winter and not quite spring phase. sprinter, if you will. and i hate it. i'm always either too hot or too cold. every morning, i leave my big winter peacoat at home, make it halfway down the driveway ebfore rushing back in to put it on again. it's such a pain to lug around! i'm ready to burn that thing now! i was going to do a feature on shoes, but at the last minute decided to research the best ways to dress in this awkward transitional period.

un: layering. This is one of the simplest tips as I still somehow manage to over look it. layering is one of the few fashion trends that evolved out of pure practicality and i never make use of it. early spring is tricky because there are chilly mornings, but beautiful afternoons. but layering allows you to take off whatever you don't need, and when it gets chilly again, you can put it back on again. try a t-shirt, cami and cardigan. try putting camis under or maybe even over your tees, the options are endless when you come to think of it.

deux :cardigans and blazers are versatile pieces that can work with anything spring has to bring. they look great with tanks, tees, tops and dresses! i highly suggest you invest in one if you haven't already. plus it's easy enough to take them on when the weather warms up. blazers add structure, and balance out sheer, flowy tops.quick tip for cardigans, try belting them at your natural waist.

trois: bright accessories. don't abandon winter neautrals so soon! ease your way into one of the springs biggest trends with pops of bright accesories. you might not want to start my jumping in to the neon side of the spectrum, maybe try sherbert colours. the trick is to let your colours warm up with the weather. so try working just one or two bright colour in at a time. accessories are the easiest way to do this because they come in such great colours! ooh! we can all take a lesson from my friend linda! even when she's rocking darker outfits, she's got this yellow bag that just pulls her whole outfit together. ah-mazing!

quatre: bright nails. this is kind of a continuation of the former. but i like this idea so much i decided to give it it's own number. it's easy to wear brights. i know me and kristen are on the lookout for yellow polish, let me know if you find a nice one! i'm about to paint mine pastel purple. i'd also love to rock a mint green. i bought this BRIGHT coral polish but i'm still waiting a while to wear it out. more after the jump!

cinq: scarves. these accesories also get their own category. i think they're an inexpensive but really effective way to transition! but i'm kinda biased, i might be their biggest fan. trade in thick knit/wool scarves for lighter ones. but of course, you can always drape a thicker one around your shoulders over a nice tank. don't forget to upgrade to warmer colours as well!

six: statement jewellery. one last accesory, i swear. big, chunky necklaces are in this spring. and wearing a nice bright one brightens up any outfit! this actually worked for me today. i woke up late (accidentally set my alarm for 6pm instead of 6am. oops!) i ran out of time to really get dressed. so i grabbed this grey long sleeve tee, skinny jeans and tall black boots, but it just looked so blah! sooooo i put on this big beaded green necklace. random? most definitely. but i was actually really happy with how it turned out.

sept: cuffed jeans. (okay. i'm having extreme deja vu. i kinda make a lot of lists, have you noticed? i'm going to list these in french instead, to make you think it's something different, pahaha) roll up the last two inches of your straight/skinny jeans. tadah! you'll look more spring-ish without really having to sacrifice any warmth. best of all? it's free.

huit: leggings/tights. tights are a great way to wear dresses and skirts until the weather finally warms up. i think they look really cute under shorts too! v. tokyo street style. you know who has really good pairs? joe fresh. yeah the ones from loblaws etc. santa put some stockings in my stocking this christmas (my mom thinks she's so funny) but they were really thick, came in some cool colours and haven't ripped after like a billion wears. best of all they were only $5.

neuf: flats. unlike kristen, most of us haven't made it back into our flipflops just yet. but i think flats are the best way to bridge the gap between colder and warmer days, and they make any outfit look great! but i'm sure i don't have to tell you that. haha. i'm easing back into my pairs little by little. to keep up with the trends, try them in bright colours, floral patterns, with cutouts or peep toes.

dix: leather jacket. this one i didn't read but rather saw. a lot! when i was out in the commons today. some people were wearing them like leather sweaters! haha. but seriously. they were wearing leather bombers with embellished/studded tanks, dark wash jeans and flats. it's edgy and cute. and luckily, my sister bought the leather jacket i "just had to have" last year, and now i have a way to actually wear it. hurray!

and that's it! good luck surviving sprinter! hopefully spring actually comes soon!