happy earth day to you! i'm sure the title of this blog doesn't surprise you. who hasn't been BOMBARDED with "green" today. i'm going to try and keep it light, i promise. the little kid in me wants to dig her heels in when she's repeatedly told "the world is going to end if you don't recycle your water bottles!" maybe i'll make an addendum: "how to go green with minimal effort." here are my favourite no pressure ways to make the planet a little less sucky.

lately, i've been making an effort to you blackle.com instead of google. it's the same search engine accept that it uses a black screen instead of a white one. it takes more power to light a white screen than a dark one. it all started when somebody figured out that google would save 3000 mega watts a year if they made the change. and just think one megawatt of energy generates about as much electricity as 800 households use. also, whenever the option is open to me, i choose the "lights off" feature. i know tv.com has this. don't forget that even the little things add up!

i have to say. i'm more inclined to go green when it gives back to me. over in germany they engineered ecofont. a font that takes less ink to print because the letters have little wholes in the them. i actually use this for drafts a lot, you hardly notice if you aren't looking closely. i like getting the msot out of my ink cartrdige, who wouldn't? if you like, get the font here.

time to get off the computer and into the wardrobe! check this howcast vid on how to make your wardrobe more green.

and check out some links about greener makeup here, and here.

i buy almay! i'm doing my part! (barely =P)

okay, and as for those old water bottles, i am notorious for buying them and then losing them in my room. (i'm not kidding, on cleaning day i'll pull out 2 full bags of water bottles alone) terrible i know. but this week i resolve, to a) use the old water on plants around the house instead of tossing it down the drain, b) wash them out and reuse them one in a while and c) check out those sigg waterbottles everyone's harping on about all the time? sound good? hope so. i'm beat. that's all for me! check you later.