morning! i'm a sucker for the new. without even really thinking about it, newer is already better in my mind. i'm not sure if that's related to why i like shopping or not. at any rate, i grabbed a bunch of stuff from my room and took some pics of some of things i bought this weekend. i provided links where available.

1. seed long sleeve tunic, walmart, $6
i'd have to say this was my only shopping misstep. everyone knows i don't really need ANOTHER grey t-shirt.

2. jewel globe necklace, forever21, $7.80
ironically, i put this necklace on my wishlist a few weeks ago, i didn't even realize

3. ankle length leggings, walmart, $5

4. florelle frayed denim shorts , forever21, $15.80

5. l'oreal HIP jelly balm, walmart, $7.80
this is the one i was talking about the other day! i went in for coral but totally got swayed by the red colour. i mean it doesn't reeeeeally matter cause they're so sheer.

6. almay pure blend eye shadow in steel, walmart, $2.50
i actually bought a WHOLE bunch of this stuff. but forgot to take pictures of it cause it's already moved into the makeup bag in my bathroom. the other day i tried this face illuminator from wet'n'wild and i had an allergic reaction to it. not cool. some one recommend the almay brand because it's 98.2% natural and hypo-allergenic. i picked it up down there cause it's SO much more expensive here. i'll let you know how it goes!

7. sweet pea body wash , bath & body works, $10.80
kristen got me addicted to this scent! she gave me the little size for christmas and it just ran out so i had to run out and get a big bottle.

8. sally hansen nail art pen , walmart $7
this worked a lot better than i thought it would! i'll blog about it soon.

9. earphones, best buy, $5

10. studded flats, walmart, $15
i've been looking for a pointed pair for a while.

11. secret deodorant, walmart, $4
kay. not sure why this one is here actually. you really didn't need to know i bought deodorant =P

12. sound sleep / headache relief aromatherapy, bath & body works, $5 each.
kristen, again, has been talking about these for a long time. she should seriously be the spokesperson for bath & both works. i ended up picking two of these up because they cost half as much. i've only used the headache one so far and it really worked!

yes i buy a lot at walmart. cause it's SO much cheaper in the states than it is here. haha. anyway. that's it for now. i should really get to some homework, as usual i've left it to the last day. later!