Original Post Date: March 17, 2009

occasion: school
scarf: stitches, $7.50
cardigan: wal-mart, $10
grey dress: stitches, $16
grey tank (underneath): aeropostale, $5
leggings: wal-mart, $5
boots: steve madden, $90
happy st. patrick's day to you. working at a party store, i love holidays, but this is one i don't quite understand. you ALMOST had a top ten coming to you about why i don't celebrate it, (i don't believe in drinking for drinking's sake) but i could only come up with five reasons. haha. this isn't even what i was wearing today, but this is one of the few looks i had on my computer before i had to take my camera in to the shop. this was one of my favourite ones in the last little bit. i love the combination of teal and purple! usually i balance it with brown, but i only had black on hand when this picture was taken. i still think it looks okay! i'm kind of upset with those boots, the leather on them's great but the buttons were made really cheaply! anyway, weather permitting, i'll have a spring-ier catalogue look to bring to you next week. classes aside, today was great. i left my jacket at home, wore a dress and read outside in the commons. belle! tomorrow's the real challange, french class! *tears* wish me luck!