(song of the day: one step at a time, jordin sparks)

sorry i didn't post yesterday, i was still at the jr. high retreat. i have to say, i've had an AMAZING weekend. just fantastic. chilling with the boys in the band all friday/saturday. movies with my besties on today. zac efron in all his awesomeness. it was fabulous. enough adjectives? okay. here are the best ofs for this week.

ONE // i'm really liking that forever21 is coming out with a plus size line. from the looks of the preview pictures they've got over at fabsugar, it's going to be really good!

TWO // heard some good news on perez the other day, regina spektor is working on another album! i'm excited =)

THREE // just discovered this new fashion blog, style spy. i'm loving it cause it's canadian. woop! a little while back they had a sweet video on how to do an inversed braid across the top of your head. i rocked it two days this week =)

FOUR // this week on all woman stalk they went over a couple ways to lose weight healthily. it's nothing groundbreaking, but it was certainly helpful. i'll certainly be turning to it as it gets closer to bikini season!

FIVE // over at people style watch they took pics of celebs coming and goings in airports. i LOVE the way celebrities look on their days off. it's so easy to copy their style too. love it!

alrighty, that's all for now! and you know, if you ever find something you think i'd be interest in be sure to let me know! comment it! ciao for now!