Original Post Date: February 23, 2009
i don't know if you noticed, but i'm kind of OBSESSED with award shows. what i had to say couldn't fit in one post! so buckle up!

Marisa Tomei.
I'll admit it, she's one of those actresses I only knew by name and not by face. But I'll certainly not forget her stunning turn in this origami gown from Versace. It's so intricate! And she did the smart thing by pairing it with a simple sideswept updo. Altogether amazing!

Alicia Keys
. I'm experiencing EXTREME hair envy. Her glam waves are amazing. And I'm loving how her dress is simple but then it has that surprise slit that goes ALL the way up. I think this one wins points for most wearable too. Fantastic!

Anne Hathaway. Seems a given, she never shows up at an award show looking less than amazing. I think it's because she always plays it simple. I was sad she didn't win for supporting actress, even though i haven't seen rachel getting married.

Kate Winslet. In watching her interviews throughout the award season she's become one of my favourite actresses. She's stunning both in person and on the red carpet. I'm amazed by her hair and curious as to how many cans or hairspray it took to get it that way. And the gown is so different! I love the cut on the one shoulder strap, and the texture on the opposite side. Dress and shoes = Yves Saint Laurent. Outstanding!

Honourable Mention: Amanda Seyfried's red hot Valentino number. Queen Latifah looking regal in a navy gown. And the all the child stars from Slumdog Millionaire who were SO CUTE!

Next Up: Best Dressed Males!