Original Post Date: March 9, 2009
on parole

occasion: youth group
necklace: garage, $5
cardigan: garage, $10
tee: american eagle, $15
tank: american eagle $15
jeans: bluenotes, $20

i hate when i don't smile, it looks like "black girl on parole." doesn't help that i look like i'm getting handcuffed. paha. i haven't really felt like smiling in the last little bit. anyway, i wore this to youth group yesterday. i liked that top when i put it on, but quickly realize i'm not such a fan of being the brightest person in a room. at any rate, i'm edging my way into the "brights" trend one toe and a time. i'm sorry i've kinda neglected the blog lately. the last couple days were pretty busy. today has actually NOT been too good. awful actually. thank goodness it's almost over. in an attempt to make myself feel better, i went shopping (of course. though this probably wasn't the best idea when i only have $20 in my bank account, but that's what visas are for!) i bought this yellow scarf solely because of freida patel in slumdog millionaire, but i really do love it. if it's not too glum i'll wear it tomorrow.

this may be the last look i have for a while. i had to get my camera fixed and best buy said it could take four weeks! very upsetting. beyond this blog, i actually use my camera alot and just go take random pictures of random things and it's really gonna suck not being able to do that. anyway, the rest of the week should be tough for me, but i'm hoping for better days! for me and you!