original post date: march 27, 2009
(song of the day: colours of the wind, disney)

hey there! i have to do this super quick! i'm on my way out. i wish i hadn't left this to the last minute. cause the pictures didn't really turn out the way i wanted them too, but it's too late to take more! still, i feel NOT posting something today would be a crime! so here we go anyway. my current obsession? (among many things) red lips! they're like little black dresses, you know? one of those staple things that all glamourous (two ou's?) people have! so i've been out there trying to find "the one." that red that will complete me! you know? i'd like you to help me out by picking which one you think looks best.


naked lips!!!! please ignore the lack of all other makeup, stringy hair and of course the very white bra under my very black shirt. pahaha.


the blush thing i was talking about! this is where my lack of photography skills come into play. i maybe should've taken a close up of my lips so you'd see how this looks for real. anyway, it's red, buy way understated.


this is a full lipstick. ruby rose from maybelline. once again, a close up would've been helpful so you good see the gold flecks that are in it. it's pretty! but it's a pain to take off cause the sparkles REALLY stick on. haha. i wore this christmas day and it looked really nice.


it's hard to tell in the pic, but this one is actually on the orangey side of red. it's really quite bright. i've never worn it out. it's a maybelline super stay gloss, but i can't seem to find the name of the colour!


haha. you can tell i'm running out of time cause i didn't even make it cover my lips completely. so this is one of the new lipstains from covergirl. and might i just say it takes FOREVER to put on, and even longer to take off! it's v. frustrating. but i do give them points, cause once it dries, it really does feel like you're not wearing anything. the picture doesn't do it justice, in real life the colour is SO intense. it's a deep red? but still so LOUD. my mom when i first put it on was like "that's not the right colour for you." haha. what do you think? i've still got some more red lip sticks/glosses/stains in my case, but no time to try them on. so....

i leave it in your hands! are any of these "the one?" please vote in the comments section by indictating, one, two, three, four or five!!!! (and just a reminder, you don't have to have a livejournal account to make a comment!)

on a completely unrelated note, today's been AWESOME. i made muffins that gave me quite the sugar rush, i had a really awesome talk with vicki, i've been running around my house singing "colours of the wind," and i just found out a certain someone will be at youth group tonight! score!!!! haha. the outfit i'm in now is totally channeling pocahontas actually. feather earrings, a long tan dress thingy, fringey/moccasins boots. it's awesome. have a happy friday!!!!