so i was listening to that song by taylor swift? or at least it's something like that. there are a billion songs of this same nature. and i was thinking the other day that songs like that kind of send the wrong idea.

i'm sure you're all familiar with it. (check out the song, with lyrics here) but just to recap in the song she's singing about how the guy she likes is with some cheerleading-high-heel-wearing-preppy girl. and taylor's so certain that they belong together. but my thing is, if he likes a girl like that, maybe you don't know him as well as you thought. it's quite clear he does NOT see that he belongs with you. it might be time to cut your losses and move on.

and i'm not saying she's the only one guilty of this type of thing. i googled it and came up with a slew of others that they simlar things. i only became aware of this cause i was singing along to a song that said something similar and for a second started to believe it. and there are some girls who do! and i think it breeds an unhealthy neediness. this feeling that you HAVE to have this guy. it's destiny or something. and i think that in turn breeds a really clingy, deperate vibe that only chases guys away.

but that's just me. anyone else feel the same way? thoughts?