(song of the day: i'm yours, jason mraz)
i'd actually love to go back to yesterday. but today's been alllllright i suppose. here's the best of for this week.

ONE // strange rumours
this might be one of the weirdest things i've ever read on perez! check out who my dearest josh groban is rumoured to be dating . i'll be tracking that one for sure!

TWO // feel better
i absolutely love gala darling's blog! she's so quirky and cool. this week she shared her 100 cures for a bad day. i lreally liked her list!

THREE // wearing colour
i feel like i talk about college fashion every week. but it IS really cool! i liked the article on how to incorporate more colour into your wardrobe.

FOUR // racktrap
who knows where the girls at the glamour blog found this crazy thing. but i'll admit the racktrap does has some real world applications. i wouldn't buy one, but definitely see how it come be useful.

FIVE // earth hour
in case you've forgotten, lights out at 8:30!

see you monday!