Original Post Date: February 17, 2009

earrings: aeropostale, $2
scarf: urban behaviour, $10
cardigan: garage, $10
tank: american eagle, $15
jeans: bluenotes, $20
chucks: (gifted)
it's been a long time since i wrote anything of importance, my weekend's been super busy. i kind of set this thing up with dfifferent headings and COMPLETELY forgot about this whole catalogue dealy. so i'm catalaguing today's look even though it's super casual cause i had a test today. (i barely studied, but i'm pretty sure i still passed!)

i'm in love with that scarf. but i went back to urban behaviour today only to find it's $15 now... like a sale in reverse? v. strange. and i'm not gonna lie, i was particularily inspired to cuff my jeans cause i saw nick jonas do it on SNL this weekend. i'm not sure if you can really see it, but i love that nail polish i caved and bought the other day. it's the metallic pink of easter eggs. BUT my favourite thing about this is my hair. i'll have a closeup and more info about that tomorrow! have a good evening!