original post date: march 31, 2009
(song of the day: so far, so great, demi lovato)

heya! i've been singing that song LOUDLY all day. it's been a good one. i hope yours has been too. but i have a problem! the other day, i discovered something wonderful. did you know OPI makes miniature sets of their nail polish collections? i was going through the mall when i saw these in the display window. they included miniature versions of three of the polishes from the new south beach collection and a rapid-dry top coat. "suzie the lifeguard" is a really nice light pink, "done out in deco" is a matte lavender (not the one i had on the other day, but defs the one i'll be trying next) and "overexposed in south beach" is this deep magenta-purple combo with just a hint of sparkle. they're all to die for! i thoroughly reccomend picking up one of the mini lacquer sets if you ever see them, it only cost $13, when a regular bottle of OPI retails for about $10. (haha. actually when i saw them, i literally stopped in my tracks and just smiled at them, and then a guy who was walking by thought i was staring at him.) haha. i'm digressing. on to my problem. my nail polish ALWAYS chips. and i mean always. part of that has to do with my job. (tying balloons isn't exactly easy on the nails.) but even when i'm not my nail polish never seems to last. and the solution was actually quite simple. the best way to avoid chips? (continue reading!)

again one of those obvious things i never really think about it. i always try and cut corners, but you actually have to give yourself a wide berth of time if you want to do nails that last. apparently (but not surprisingly) base coat actually helps. it gives the real polish something to adhere to.and did you know you're supposed to take five to ten minutes between each coat? (and apparently it doesn't work if you cheat and put on a thick layer, they're only more likely to chip. thin ones will last longer.) i'm lucky if i wait two minutes. and i usually go on my computer while it's drying. i think i'm safe using the pads of my fingers instead of my tips, but the scarlet stain on my J-key says otherwise.

and here's another mistake. apparently you're not supposed to use those "quick dry" lacquers. the extra ingredients that allow those fast drying polishes to set so quickly makes them cheap more easily. you're better of springing for those no-chip polishes. (try the no chip 10 day nail colour from sally hansen. i have one, and it lasts pretty long even though i've never quite made it to the 10 day mark? but then again, i've never applied them properly either.) here's another tip i read about, if you apply a horizontal swipe across the top of the nail after the first coat, it'll act as a ridge to further prevent chipping, and then when you beginning applying the second coat, you'll cover up the horizontal line. i'll certainly be trying that out. and lastly, top coat is also helpful when it comes to preventing chips. and that's it for me. happy chip-less-ness? hahah. bon soir!