original post date: april 2, 2009

i feel so awful! yesterday ended up being SO much busier than i thought it would be. between class and mad studying for this test i just wrote, and worship practice. it was ridiculous! i actually began writing this (what was supposed to be yesterday's) entry and then i had to go. i'm so sorry. ah well... you know what they say about well made plans... or at least i hope you do. cause i sure don't. or maybe they don't say anything? cause i just googled it and couldn't find anything. pah. moving on.

anyway, today's current obsesion isn't even fashion related =O. but it is a real obsession. i assure you. i haven't gone a day without evernote in a while now. in essence, it's a lot like microsoft's OneNote. so
it allows users to capture information of various types, including text notes, mobile phone snapshots, printed and handwritten text within images, web clips, and digital ink and organizes them into notebooks. it's cool cause it can recognize the text in pictures. one of the major differences is that it's got components that you can synch up to your phone or a web-based program (<- that's the one i use most often). one of my main grievances with OneNote was the fact that all my ideas and lists and drafts stayed at home on my computer. even for a web-based app it's got a monthly space allowance that i haven't even come close to hitting =P i've been using it to store files and things for school, for those moments when i'm halfway to york and realize i've left something v. important out. and as long as you open the document up from evernote, it'll automatically update the changes. evernote also has this really cool web clipping tool that lets you copy, paste, drag and drop anything from a web page directly into the notebook. i've been using it to clip ideas from the fashion blogs i read (it's where i store all the best of's). i've been using it to store the prices and images of things i want to buy next (and that notebook is pretty large, i assure you). i've been making lists with it. using it took copy and paste new ideas for my evolving salmon casserole recipe. i also use it to write drafts for these blog posts while i'm killing time at school. yeah, i have to say though, the desktop app looks waayyyyyy lot better on macs than it does on windows. but that's pretty much my only thing. haha. i'm pretty much in love. anyone else use it?

anyway, i'd like to say happy april! yesterday i wrote about how i appropriate it was that it rained and got sunny for the first day of april! i was so happy when the sun came out. but then this morning my mom said it might snow again this week =(

have i mentioned how much i lovelovelove when zac efron has a movie coming out? it's the best cause you can see his face EVERYWHERE and i get a little excited every time i see it. (and i just found out my film friend kyla is a fan too. woohoo!) if there was a showing thursday at midnight, would anyone come with me? i'll be away for some of that weekend so i'll have to wait till that sunday. sacre bleu!