Original Post Date: March 10, 2009

so i noticed my musical diet before last tuesday was a little too heavy on the jonas brothers, spectacular and slumdog millionaire soundtracks. (Paha.) Which isn't bad, but balance is always good. sooooo I after clicking around my own itunes library the genius thing recommended The cab (not death cab. just the cab. haha some guys from vegas) i'm really weird about music, i hate being told what to do or who to listen to. and it's not even that i don't trust people's taste? it's just that after i really like the artist that person acts like i owe them something. i'm complicated. and believe me, i'm well aware this trait is weird. and problematic, it led to many a fight between a certain former best friend and i. i'm trying to get over it, really truly but until then, the genious works for me. anyway!

yeah, i think what i like most about them, is that they sound like high school. i wasn't even a huge fan of panic! at the disco, but i knew their first album inside out. the cab is kinda similar. they sound a little bit like fall out boy in their " under the cork tree" days and it doesn't hurt that both brendon urie and patrick stump appear in my favourite track, "one of those nights." sends me right back to lazy days in the drama back. sometimes they're a bit maroon 5-ish, sometimes they sound like an edgier rocket summer. i really appreciate bands that understand piano can be just as good as guitar, even in a rock band. so yeah, that's what i've been listening to when the jonas brothers aren't cutting it. haha. i'm not really thinking any of the scattered few who read this blog would really like them, but if you're interested i'll tell you what's good. you know how to reach me! i've also been listening kelly clarkson's new album and it's really good.

enough about music. i need to whine about my pathetically awful life. i will start with an upside though. i wore my "latika" scarf today and i do think there's a bit of magic in it. it was the only (literal) bright spot on this downer of a day. i passed french, which SHOULD sound like a good thing, but it's not when the basis of my argument for dropping it this semester. my mom really doesn't want me to. and i know french is so helpful in life, i don't doubt that, but it's just not going to work out for me. AT ALL. she just won't let it go. and i really REALLY want to drop it. i've never hated anything this much in my entire life. i mean math for me was awful, but at least it was in a language i could understand.

mmm. not sure who i told about this, so i'll just recap it quickly. right after i had my appointment with the head guy in the communications programme my mom was like "maybe this isn't a good idea after all." which was really annoying. it's hardly like this was a NEW idea i was springing on her. i have yet to tell her, but i switched my major today. and yesterday i applied for this television broadcasting program at seneca college. i put up $100 on my own money to do it. my chances are one in three that i'll get in, and one in NONE that my mom will let me go. so pray/cross your fingers/do whatever you can to bring my luck on this.