eiffel tower necklace: forever21, $4.80
navy dress: old navy, $15
pantihose: my mom buys them for me! haha
heels: walmart, $20

so this is what i wore easter sunday. a little dark i know, but it was the only new dress i had. that and it was REALLY cold that day, so it kind of suited.

a hair and makeup close up. i used that almay pureblend shadow in lavender. and then braided my hair. hahaha. i swear i haven't been doing this as much as i used to. but for some reason, i've got braids everytime i feel like uploading an outfit. the fact that it's braided today is just a coincidence. hahaha.

and finally, that morning i tested out the last of my OPI minis! i'm totally in love with this light pink (called suzie and the lifeguard). the only thing was though, it took me three coats to get it to that colour. but it's definitely become a new favourite. hopefully i'll get a chance to put another coat on before i have to leave. i've got two hours left and nothing packed... yikes! later days!