original post date: april 6, 2009

=O! new section, or more like mini-section. something i've invented so i'll be able to post more often. tell me what you think! here we go.

i'm not sure if you've ever been to lookbok. but if you're looking to kill time and drool over fashion that's the place to be. there aren't any articles or writers, it's just people who've uploaded pictures of their outfits. there are always so many outfits and different styles. i visit frequently and bookmark the pictures for inspiration. and this is the one that struck me today. i don't know if it's the cute balloon that struck me, or that fab lace dress, or the patterned tights, or those heels! perhaps it's my affinity for cardigans. (she said she got hers from joe fresh for $7!) either way i'm in love! *swoon*

(Credit: Yulanda. Thu 12.25. [Online.] Available http://lookbook.nu/look/110756-Thu-12-25. April 4, 2009.)