(song of the day: so much love, the rocket summer)

occasion: school
yellow hoodie: american eagle, $20
tee shirt tunic: walmart, $6
black leggings: walmart, $5
leather boots: steve madden, $90
belt: mine from when i was a kid
disc earrings: claire's, $8

this is an old look, but as things are warming up i have to use it now or i'll have to wait till next fall! haha. not that i'm complaining. i've been begging for warmer weather for weeks now. i didn't even wear it that long ago, but i really liked it! (ahh! my old hair, and my trademark braidy-bun! :P it's seriously, the only updo i do.) my day was lovely. i love when you're not looking for something, and it finds you anyway. and i love people "who look like the songs that you've heard your whole life coming true." i especially LOVE that song by the rocket summer that has essnetially made my whole day. hope yours was good!