Wednesday, November 24, 2010

first, i write today to apologize for leaving so abruptly exactly a year ago to this date.

sunshower style began nearly two years ago, when my school was on strike and i needed something to do. it continued through the summer, but when school started up again last year i realized i didn't have quite as much time as i thought i would. i kept the blog open in the hopes that i could get back to it someday, but i don't think it's time will come.

i want to thank my readers and friends for being so supportive, and trusting, and for putting up with my spelling errors! i still take up a little corner of the internet writing poetry, but this is it for sunshower style. i am extremely grateful for this rewarding experience.

thanks for everything!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

song of the day: love songs, anjulie

how are you doing? how's your week going so far? hope your tuesday is treating you well. don't have much time again today, just sharing my beauty obsessions as of late.

bright eyes

lately i've been skipping eyeliner altogether, instead i've been dabbing a light eyeshadow in the corners of my eyes for a look that widens them and make them look instantly awake. i just dab it along the natural v, but definitely trace farther along the top lid. and since i've started i've noticed blake lively does it all the time, on and off the show. she often uses white shadow in her corners, but that's a little too stark for me. tan or pale gold just right for darker skin tones. silver's also really cool for a night look. add a swipe of mascara, and i'm good to go!

madison mauve
at first, i wasn't so ecstatic that maybelline revamped their entire lipstick line earlier this year. the first two i tried were flops. but i finally found a plum that works for me. it's good to wear or stain. i don't care too much for the smell, but i love that it lasts forever. (pardon my bizarre expression in the photo, what's important here is the lipstick, not how deliriously happy i was at my birthday party.)

remember way back when i was talking about matte nails? i'm officially a believer. i bought the matte about you top coat and i haven't stopped using it since. although, i think half the fun might be watching it change. i also got mint green candy apple and it's one of my favourite colours of the season. my tips? apply a good basecoat, because you can't put top coat on a matte nail. also, make sure the nail is completely dry before applying the matte topcoat.

that's all for now. but i'd love to know, what's on your nails right now?


Monday, November 16, 2009

song of the day: waking up in vegas, katy perry

some days i'm just so happy i don't even know what to do with myself. today is one such day! heyhey! so i apologize profusely for the lack of regular posting. my life has been RIDICULOUSLY busy, but i am truly loving every minute of it. i managed to cram a whole lot of awesome into what should have been just an average weekend. a lot of singing, but also seeing a play, and catching up my cousin, and surprise-seeing an old friend, some bittersweet goodbyes, but then a lot of awesome times with youth group. unfortunately though, the weekend has left me with a pile of backlogged homework and a bit of a cold.

it's okay though, i am STILL riding high on my french themed birthday party last weekend. it was such a stellar night! that right there, is the cake my best friend L made for me. isn't it gorge?

in a way though, i've been scaring myself. i'm a passionate person, so whenever i like something, i like it A LOT and there is that fear that it could all just blow up in your face. (and i'm not just talking boys here, though i should add:) there is such a calm i guess, in stepping out from under a boy's spell and realizing how awesome you are all on your own. or how great your friends are! or in rhyming off the ten things you love terribly about your life!

1) my mom testing out holiday recipes and playing christmas music.
2) me and my sister having the car, and house to ourselves for the day
3) when, just as you're thinking of someone, they show up!
4) that smile you get when you watch someone else doing something they love
5) my first trip to coldstone creamery! (there aren't that many here in canada, but i wish there were. it was probably the best icecream i've ever had)
6) when TV makes you cry, or feel anything really.
7) playing piano or ressurecting any lost love
8) i might like pretending, as i'm speeding through the dark, singing with the girls at the TOP of our lungs, and thrashing our hair around, that we are in some insanely cool music video.
9) 50% off sales! there were some INSANELY good deals at the mall all week long, which was nice? but unfortunately means i'm WAY over my budget for the month. >.<
10) new friends. some i am getting to know and some i wish i'd known all along

i should also add: eiffel-tower shaped cakes! so? what's been awesome in your life as of late?


Saturday, November 14, 2009

"wear what makes you feel like the person you've always imagined you could be."
max azria.

loving that quotation, and that look! i'm totally craving something with sequins, but i can never quite commit to buying anything. perhaps something from the new forever21 twist collection can convince me otherwise! sorry for the lack of post-age! hopefully a more normal schedule will resume next week! enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

song of the day: let's fall in love, ella fitzgerald

happy tuesday to you! i hope all is well. can i have one moment of childish excitement? it's my birthday tomorrow, and i'm so giddy i can barely contain myself. just heading in now? be sure to catch up on bryce. and the others.

so this picks up right where the last story left off. (catch up on the rest here)

i can't tell you how many times i've wished life WAS just like the movies. (or tv. i've always had this dream where me and my friends move into adjacent apartments, just like in friends.) even knowing what i do now, i still expect the movie ending because that's what always happens. especially when i was on a cruise a couple years ago.

i don't quite know what happened to me that trip, but something got to me. maybe it's the air out there on the caribbean sea. on the 2nd day of the trip i realized that nothing i did had any weight. there were no consequences that could follow me home and i went crazy. that cruise still marks the most outgoing i've ever been. i talked to a slew of people, grinded up against guys i barely knew. which, believe me, never happens. (and has never happened since!)

my friend josie, her family and mine all went on that caribbean cruise. josie and my sister could hardly believe me. and i suppose they should have been the reminder of who i really was, but for some reason their disbelief only pushed me farther. i made friends in hot tubs, i flirted shamelessly, i sung karaoke and then i met julian.*

it was on the second of two formal nights. i'm a firm believer that there are no better confidence boosters than red bras, black underwear and a little black dress. that night was a triple threat.

these days i try to convince myself that someone dared me to sing karaoke that night, but i know i did it of my own volition. (i did wouldn't it be nice, by the beach boys, it was cute.) josie, my sister and i had been following a lot of boys around that week and two of them –brothers – were hanging out at the promenade after the show. josie and kendra were ogling, but i was past that. my legs were moving before i was.

i think i heard josie and kendra trying to call me back, but it was too late. i swear to you it was like tunnel vision. i didn't know what i was going to say or do, but i was heading for them. i'm incredibly lucky they were sitting by the (non-alcoholic) bar at the time, and that there weren't many people in the promenade. i slid up in the stool beside the tallest one and ordered a sprite. he looked over and smiled. i smiled back. i sipped my Sprite. a little further down the boat, a folksy guitarist was strumming away at van morrison's "brown-eyed girl." when it came time for the "sha-la-las" he and i came in in perfect harmony. he laughed, deep and husky, and i still remember that laugh today.

he had short brown hair, sun kissed olive skin, a wide bright smile and deep brown eyes more gorgeous i'm sure than the chick in the song. i forget who spoke first, but i bet it was me. either way, his name was julian. his brother's name was john. i'm not sure how we got around to it, but we talked about how there were no consequences here really understood. for some reason, talking to julian was just easy compared to the way my tongue ties itself in knots whenever i'm at home. i told him about karaoke. and about kendra and josie. he told me jamaica was the best island because the drinking age was lower (he was 19 to my 17, a lofty and mysterious age). when my sprite was done, i said goodbye and walked away without looking back. at the time, it felt like the cool thing to do, but i wish now i had stayed.

we tried for the rest of the trip to bump into them again. we made a lot of visits to the promenade. one time we were on a balcony and we spotted them three floors below and i literally shouted "thar she blows!" (i think i just got caught up in the moment, something about being on a boat) we scrambled down the stairs but had already lost them in the crowd.

i don't know if you've ever been on one, but the last day of the cruise feels like the saddest day of your life. no one gets to sleep in because they have to feed you breakfast before shoving you off the boat. everyone was shuffling through this tired enormous breakfast line, like shackled inmates. i had just settled on a box of cheerios when i heard it.

"do you remember when she used to say sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-lala-di-dah."

now if this was the movies, this would be the moment when the love interest appears, and they share a warm embrace or a heartfelt kiss or at the very least they exchange phone numbers. and i wanted my moment, i remember i ran from the line and stood in the middle of the room, waiting, but he never came. when the song was over, i went back to where my family was sitting and finished my soggy cheerios in silence.

and that's when it became inescapably apparent my life would never be like a movie.

authors note:

*julian's name has NOT been changed. in the futile attempts that someone who knows him will somehow pass it on and he'll come find me and all will be fabulous. think i was a little bitter when i was writing this. but these days, as you can see, i do believe movie moments happen. i just have to wait for mine.

so question, what are your confidence boosters? what makes you feels your fiercest? and if you've ever had a movie moment, i would lovelovelove to hear it!



legit picture from my cruise.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

so i've been fighting a cold for a week now. i'm teetering between sick and not sick, and instead of just waiting for the cold to get me, i'm thinking i'm going to do what i can to stop myself from getting sick. there's the obvious stuff, resting and drinking water, but i wanted to look at the foods that can help you fight the flu, being sick etc. i

i'm pretty sure i've said this already, but i'm a terrible terrible eater. and though it's disheartening, it's not exactly shocking that a lot of the foods that turned up in my research are foods i don't like... let me see what i could force myself to eat here.

yogurt: i already wrote about probiotics, but apparently they can help you prevent colds too! just make sure it says it on the label.

red bell peppers: so everyone knows that vitamin c can help you fight colds. but i learned today that red bell peppers have twice as much immune-enhancing vitamin c as an orange does. craaazy. but i'm thinking i could trick myself into eating it if i snuck it into an omelette or salad.
green tea: now i don't like tea of any kind, but after researching all the benefits to green tea i'm thinking about starting! having two or more cups a day can fend off viruses and keep up your immune system.

sweet potatoes: eating them can enhance your immune system. beta carotene - that stuff that makes vegatables their orange pigment- turns into vitamin a in the body. and vitamin a helps treat respiratory infections. now i LOVE sweet potato fries! but my mom says they don't really count.

other flu-fighting foods include: almonds, garlic, leafy greens, oranges, chicken soup.

i actually found a recipe that includes all these ingredients and seems a) easy enough and b) tasty enough for me to consider making! check it out at this link! if i ever have time to make it, i'll post a pic.

that's all for now!
stay healthy!

hey! got another story for ya!

back in grade eight, my best friend at the time was a guy by the name of bryce. i think the fact that we were opposites in pretty much every way was what made me like him so much in the first place. i loved the way he didn't care what people thought. being with b made me realize i didn't have to justify myself to anyone. he didn't completely understand me, but he did understand guys and that was something. (okay well didn't completely understand them, but who does anyway?) i'm not gonna lie, he was pretty weird too. but he gave great boy advice, he was funny, and he was always there for me. he's the one who kept me smiling all through that wretched grade eight grad. when i asked him to dance with me, he obliged. that dance also marked the first time i had my butt grabbed. i'm not really sure its much in the way of romantic advancement, but it is something.

we talked a lot, but that talking got a lot more frequent over the summer. it was the summer before high school, and i was freaking out about the change. i was convinced the love of my life (clay) had moved schools just to get away from me. i reached out and bryce was there.
junior high relationships are funny. i didn't see bryce the entire time we were "going out". even though we went to the same school we lived on the polar ends of town. i wasn't technically allowed to date so we couldn't tell my parents and rides were out of the question. and at 13 i was still too dumb to understand the complexities of the public transit system. so i spent a lot of time on the computer that summer, needless to say.

now, i watch a lot of tv and love every moment of it. but i think there's a problem that comes with it. i have very little life experience and draw everything i can from sitcoms, cartoons or the movie-of-the-week. i got it in my head somehow that i had to break up with bryce because i was still in love with clay. which, i'm sure was a plot i saw on tv the night before i had this big revelation. and i figured that, just like on the show, i'd end up with clay in the end. things didn't exactly pan out that way.

i don't remember how i broke up with bryce, but i know it was a lie. he stayed mad at me for three months. and for three months i beat myself up for ruining things with the one guy knew me more than anyone else. luckily, he came back around and our best friendship picked up pretty much where it left off. he was such a big part of high school for me. we didn't have many classes together, but he used to walk me to class, or call me late at night. and i'll never forget the time he brought a balloon bouquet and a teen titans cake for a birthday. we were best friends until grade 12 but we never spoke again of that summer. we've mutually blipped it from our memory. but if you're reading this now b, i'm sorry i momentarily forgot my life is not like tv.

author's note: because this is probably the last i'll speak of him, i'll tell you right now, clay and i never go out. but i'm glad i didn't date anyone back then, i didn't have a clue what relationships were about. this was such a hard chapter to post! i didn't know what relationships some things happened at the end of school, and the real b and i don't really talk so much anymore. and i have to be honest. i really miss him. the next chapter's a lot funnier, i promise.
but i wanna know, how do you feel about dating the bff?

till then!

Monday, October 26, 2009

song of the day: it won't be long, evan rachel wood

it's been a while since i've done one of these! i think on the whole, things have been pretty great lately. but, this monday morning, as i found myself concentrating and overanalyzing the few things that didn't go so well this last week, i figured i'd step back and look at the good.

1. my moccasin boots: i've been wearing them pretty much nonstop.
2. party planning
3. the fabulousness that is my best friend D
4. bic pens
5. boys who give good advice about the boys who don't call
6. apple picking
7. youth group: i absolutely adore everyone in it!
8. secret societies
9. skype dates
10. chances

haha. i know i've already been crazy talkative today, but can i add one more? you, my dear reader. for sticking around even though things have gotten different around here. i hope YOU are having a fabulous monday.


borrowed the picture from my friend C. his photos are AMAZING. hope he doesn't mind =P

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

because you asked for it, more awkward stories from my v. strange life. enjoy!

(missed a story? catch up on rory, thatcher, rob and james.)

writing these stores has helped me to discover a number of things about myself. patterns are emerging. chiefly that i crush in deranged cycles that eventually lead to disaster. i deny, i become obsessed, it doesn't work and i choose another victim. i can only think of one crush that differs from this pattern.

you can call him robinson. even though I'm going with the one name thing, nothing i could've chosen has anywhere near the star power of his real one. robinson was like my own little celebrity and i liked him that way.

i wish i was kidding about the star power thing, but i still think he really was. he fit the prototype of course, but he kicked butt in the arts department. he was big into drama, and played a whole bunch of instruments. he played bass, guitar, drums and piano. and he had a killer voice that always made me want to take of my panties and throw them at the stage. it was beautiful in its right, but he also had a way of moulding to anyone's voice. in a 2nd he was bono, the next, the king of pop. and he had this way of strutting around on stage.

one summer in high school, i was a camp counsellor where he was program staff. i followed him around as much as i could. i got my campers to fall for him and headed up his fan club there. i scribbled his name in a million notebooks and pined for him like he was miles away instead of three cabins down.

speaking to robinson was out of the question. just like you couldn't walk down and talk to zac efron. unfortunately the one time I did talk to him, it was because a particular friend of mine was showing off a mammoth mosquito bite I had gotten. most of our encounters were in my head.

but that was it. i liked him as a celebrity and as forest gump would say "that's all I have to say about that."

author's note: this is HILARIOUS to read cause robinson and i are actually friends now. i should've beleived my mom back then when she said that a) boys are just as insecure as girl, and b) robinson was great but not better than me. i really did elevate him to celebrity status, and consequently put him out of league. if you beleive in leagues in the first place, and she doesn't. anyway, one more before i have to get back to work.

if i put all my romantic encounters on a chart you would see that the majority of them cluster up from ages 10 to 13. ah, junior high! tempers flaring and hormones ablaze. it was a beautiful time. people were so desperate to experience everything that they'd settle for anyone. still not me though, in most cases. but that was alright. i had my sights set on someone else.

no that i think about it, clay carlise was the reason i set up my prototype and never again strayed from it. clay wasn't and still isn't very artistic, but what he does do is sports. imagine me, at my tubbiest in grade 7 trying to keep up with one of the most athletic guys in my school.

a lot of girls liked clay in middle school, but none as long as i did – two straight years.

boys were confusing at that time. i was against note passing. against friends doing your dirty work. (do you like amy? check yes or no.) that leaves you way too open for rejection. i needed the cover of dark, distracting background noise and the ability to walk away and pretend nothing ever happened. that meant my perfect place to move was at school dances.

i don't summon my kahones very often. so i remember these moments – gearing myself up to ask clay to dance – quite vividly. my palms got sweaty (thanks for the genes their dad). my queasy stomach pulsed to the beat of the music. luckily my friend tiffany liked alex, clay's best friend. so we asked them to dance in tandem. alex and tiffany practically velcroed themselves together. after some dillydallying clay let me slip my arms around him.

gosh, grade 8 dancing is awkward.

a christina aguilera song was playing. And while everyone else was rocking back and forth awkwardly. clay was struck with a sudden bout of logorrhoea. he talked to me. he waddled us toward tiff and alex. he steered us to a couple we didn't know and started talking to them. talking, talking, talking. i still thanked him a way, we both could write it off like nothing really happened. i stepped back in line with my group of friends and pretended my world just hadn't been rocked. (or at least, until the dance was over, i'm pretty sure i told EVERYONE when i got home)

it was a few months to the next school dance and i waited patiently. by this time tiff and alex were almost a couple so she didn't have to wait for me anymore. when the fourth slow song came on and i was tired of pretending to do something i thought about going over to him. kelly clarkson gently pointed out that "some people wait a life time for a moment like this." and i was tired of waiting.

he said yes. and this i think is the time i hope to never forget. if i think hard enough, i still remember what it's like to be held. to stare out over clay's shoulder and be convinced absolutely nothing was wrong with the world. to smell his adidas cologne and fresh laundry: to feel goose bumps absolutely everywhere when our cheeks touched, if only for a second.

i tried to talk myself out of liking clay shortly after that. (i do this a lot) but when the third dance rolled around, i didn't want to be alone. i tried to be all cool about it, like trick him into it. i think i said something like "everyone else is doing it, so we should too." but this time, clay didn't seem to need much convincing. my crush on him wasn't much of a secret those days, but it always wasn't known enough to become full fledged gossip, just little grade eight murmurs. so i've always wondered, did he know i like him and feel the same? or did he simply come to expect it?

after that, a plan was put in place. the next dance was our grade eight graduation and for once i was going to ask him, straight out, if he liked me. but even now, i've still never told anyone that i liked them. the week before the dance was sheer agony. i was so nervous i could barely eat. i fretted about it constantly. the grad ceremony seemed to drag on forever.

the dance was finally set to being and i was feeling the prettiest i'd ever been (to later be topped by grade twelve prom). i wanted to wait outside so that when clay came u could make it look like we had arrived at the same time

i waited all night, but he never came. and he was going to a different high school than i was. it wasn't like I never saw him again. i actually still bump into clay a few times a year. i just never had the guts to ask him where he was that day and i imagine now I'll never know.

but that's okay. something happened that day made me forget all about him, at least for a little while.

whoa! cliffhanger. haha. i'll post some more soon, but i've really gotta get back to my homework. one quick thing though, is it creepy or cute that i STILL remember what it's like to rest my head on clay's shoulder? i've got a really strong kinetic memory if that makes sense. (or i may have just made that term up). either way, the girl clay's dating now is SO SO sweet and i pretty much want them to get married. so? who's got awkward middle school dance stories for me! share away!


got the pic from here, and here.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

heyhey! been a while since i've done this. haven't been reading as many blogs as i would like, but here are a few interesting things i've found over the last little bit!

♥ i've been thinking alot about the friends i have lately, and i loved this article from lemondrop on the five friends you need, and the three you don't. good good stuff.

♥ i LOVE the idea of operation beautiful. people leave notes on mirrors, changeroom walls, anywhere really, to remind them they're beautiful. then they take a picture and post their story. i'm thinking about leaving one myself =)

♥ make your own pollock! rainn wilson tweeted about this the other day and i was playing with it for a good hour, haha.

♥ also check out tim gunn's rules for evening wear via marie claire.

ciao for now!

got the photo from here.