heyhey! been a while since i've done this. haven't been reading as many blogs as i would like, but here are a few interesting things i've found over the last little bit!

♥ i've been thinking alot about the friends i have lately, and i loved this article from lemondrop on the five friends you need, and the three you don't. good good stuff.

♥ i LOVE the idea of operation beautiful. people leave notes on mirrors, changeroom walls, anywhere really, to remind them they're beautiful. then they take a picture and post their story. i'm thinking about leaving one myself =)

♥ make your own pollock! rainn wilson tweeted about this the other day and i was playing with it for a good hour, haha.

♥ also check out tim gunn's rules for evening wear via marie claire.

ciao for now!

got the photo from here.