so i've been fighting a cold for a week now. i'm teetering between sick and not sick, and instead of just waiting for the cold to get me, i'm thinking i'm going to do what i can to stop myself from getting sick. there's the obvious stuff, resting and drinking water, but i wanted to look at the foods that can help you fight the flu, being sick etc. i

i'm pretty sure i've said this already, but i'm a terrible terrible eater. and though it's disheartening, it's not exactly shocking that a lot of the foods that turned up in my research are foods i don't like... let me see what i could force myself to eat here.

yogurt: i already wrote about probiotics, but apparently they can help you prevent colds too! just make sure it says it on the label.

red bell peppers: so everyone knows that vitamin c can help you fight colds. but i learned today that red bell peppers have twice as much immune-enhancing vitamin c as an orange does. craaazy. but i'm thinking i could trick myself into eating it if i snuck it into an omelette or salad.
green tea: now i don't like tea of any kind, but after researching all the benefits to green tea i'm thinking about starting! having two or more cups a day can fend off viruses and keep up your immune system.

sweet potatoes: eating them can enhance your immune system. beta carotene - that stuff that makes vegatables their orange pigment- turns into vitamin a in the body. and vitamin a helps treat respiratory infections. now i LOVE sweet potato fries! but my mom says they don't really count.

other flu-fighting foods include: almonds, garlic, leafy greens, oranges, chicken soup.

i actually found a recipe that includes all these ingredients and seems a) easy enough and b) tasty enough for me to consider making! check it out at this link! if i ever have time to make it, i'll post a pic.

that's all for now!
stay healthy!