hey! got another story for ya!

back in grade eight, my best friend at the time was a guy by the name of bryce. i think the fact that we were opposites in pretty much every way was what made me like him so much in the first place. i loved the way he didn't care what people thought. being with b made me realize i didn't have to justify myself to anyone. he didn't completely understand me, but he did understand guys and that was something. (okay well didn't completely understand them, but who does anyway?) i'm not gonna lie, he was pretty weird too. but he gave great boy advice, he was funny, and he was always there for me. he's the one who kept me smiling all through that wretched grade eight grad. when i asked him to dance with me, he obliged. that dance also marked the first time i had my butt grabbed. i'm not really sure its much in the way of romantic advancement, but it is something.

we talked a lot, but that talking got a lot more frequent over the summer. it was the summer before high school, and i was freaking out about the change. i was convinced the love of my life (clay) had moved schools just to get away from me. i reached out and bryce was there.
junior high relationships are funny. i didn't see bryce the entire time we were "going out". even though we went to the same school we lived on the polar ends of town. i wasn't technically allowed to date so we couldn't tell my parents and rides were out of the question. and at 13 i was still too dumb to understand the complexities of the public transit system. so i spent a lot of time on the computer that summer, needless to say.

now, i watch a lot of tv and love every moment of it. but i think there's a problem that comes with it. i have very little life experience and draw everything i can from sitcoms, cartoons or the movie-of-the-week. i got it in my head somehow that i had to break up with bryce because i was still in love with clay. which, i'm sure was a plot i saw on tv the night before i had this big revelation. and i figured that, just like on the show, i'd end up with clay in the end. things didn't exactly pan out that way.

i don't remember how i broke up with bryce, but i know it was a lie. he stayed mad at me for three months. and for three months i beat myself up for ruining things with the one guy knew me more than anyone else. luckily, he came back around and our best friendship picked up pretty much where it left off. he was such a big part of high school for me. we didn't have many classes together, but he used to walk me to class, or call me late at night. and i'll never forget the time he brought a balloon bouquet and a teen titans cake for a birthday. we were best friends until grade 12 but we never spoke again of that summer. we've mutually blipped it from our memory. but if you're reading this now b, i'm sorry i momentarily forgot my life is not like tv.

author's note: because this is probably the last i'll speak of him, i'll tell you right now, clay and i never go out. but i'm glad i didn't date anyone back then, i didn't have a clue what relationships were about. this was such a hard chapter to post! i didn't know what relationships some things happened at the end of school, and the real b and i don't really talk so much anymore. and i have to be honest. i really miss him. the next chapter's a lot funnier, i promise.
but i wanna know, how do you feel about dating the bff?

till then!