song of the day: it won't be long, evan rachel wood

it's been a while since i've done one of these! i think on the whole, things have been pretty great lately. but, this monday morning, as i found myself concentrating and overanalyzing the few things that didn't go so well this last week, i figured i'd step back and look at the good.

1. my moccasin boots: i've been wearing them pretty much nonstop.
2. party planning
3. the fabulousness that is my best friend D
4. bic pens
5. boys who give good advice about the boys who don't call
6. apple picking
7. youth group: i absolutely adore everyone in it!
8. secret societies
9. skype dates
10. chances

haha. i know i've already been crazy talkative today, but can i add one more? you, my dear reader. for sticking around even though things have gotten different around here. i hope YOU are having a fabulous monday.


borrowed the picture from my friend C. his photos are AMAZING. hope he doesn't mind =P