song of the day: waking up in vegas, katy perry

some days i'm just so happy i don't even know what to do with myself. today is one such day! heyhey! so i apologize profusely for the lack of regular posting. my life has been RIDICULOUSLY busy, but i am truly loving every minute of it. i managed to cram a whole lot of awesome into what should have been just an average weekend. a lot of singing, but also seeing a play, and catching up my cousin, and surprise-seeing an old friend, some bittersweet goodbyes, but then a lot of awesome times with youth group. unfortunately though, the weekend has left me with a pile of backlogged homework and a bit of a cold.

it's okay though, i am STILL riding high on my french themed birthday party last weekend. it was such a stellar night! that right there, is the cake my best friend L made for me. isn't it gorge?

in a way though, i've been scaring myself. i'm a passionate person, so whenever i like something, i like it A LOT and there is that fear that it could all just blow up in your face. (and i'm not just talking boys here, though i should add:) there is such a calm i guess, in stepping out from under a boy's spell and realizing how awesome you are all on your own. or how great your friends are! or in rhyming off the ten things you love terribly about your life!

1) my mom testing out holiday recipes and playing christmas music.
2) me and my sister having the car, and house to ourselves for the day
3) when, just as you're thinking of someone, they show up!
4) that smile you get when you watch someone else doing something they love
5) my first trip to coldstone creamery! (there aren't that many here in canada, but i wish there were. it was probably the best icecream i've ever had)
6) when TV makes you cry, or feel anything really.
7) playing piano or ressurecting any lost love
8) i might like pretending, as i'm speeding through the dark, singing with the girls at the TOP of our lungs, and thrashing our hair around, that we are in some insanely cool music video.
9) 50% off sales! there were some INSANELY good deals at the mall all week long, which was nice? but unfortunately means i'm WAY over my budget for the month. >.<
10) new friends. some i am getting to know and some i wish i'd known all along

i should also add: eiffel-tower shaped cakes! so? what's been awesome in your life as of late?