original post date: april 2, 2009

to myself at 17: let him get mad. just do this for you. enjoy today while it's lasts cause it won't.

to myself in grade four: don't forge mom's signature you douche!

to myself at age 14:
you'd save yourself years of heartache, frustration, bitterness and one best friend if you move away right now. please do it. get up. move seats. don't talk to her. don't intrdouce her to any of your friends. do not pass go. do not collect $200. just run.

to myself at age 17: listen to your heart. i mean really listen. don't let anyone talk you into anything you don't wanna do. speak up for yourself and do what you want. it's your life, just live it!

to myself at age 16: don't sell yourself short in terms of smarts. you're not an idiot and sometime it's not bad to let it show. raising your hand in class really won't kill you, i mean, if you did it then, maybe i'd do it more now.

to myself in august of 2005: for the love of god HOLD IN THAT FART

to myself at ages 13, 16 and 17
; ask him to dance, you've really got nothing to lose

to myself at age 12: lower the cookie from your lips. see the light and realize two happy meals a week is NOT normal behaviour. would you have a look around you? put down the bag of chips and head to the mall... or the gym.

to myself at age 16:
this is the last time you'll ever really see her. say something insightful.

to myself, anytime i doubted: you did good.

these aren't the top ten, but they are the first ten i could think of. just imagine how different life would be you could back and change it. and i know i know, you're supposed to learn from your place, but i really think that it would be better not to have made them in the first place.

but there you have it! a double post! enjoy!