dress the part.

so this week there'll be a bit of a focus on weddings. i certainly hope i'm not the only one going to a wedding in the near future, it feels like wedding season is fully underway so i hope these next few posts are useful to you. gosh! there's so much i want to say, but i'm picking out the good stuff.

today i'm covering what to wear. the first key to that is figuring out what kind of attire is required. a couple weeks ago when i announced this series i pointed out a post from fabulously broke that was a pretty good guide for proper attire. you can use the time and place of the wedding as an indicator. afternoon weddings are usually not black tie affairs. even when an invitation says casual jeans are not reccomended. go business casual to be safe. black tie: requires your dressiest look. most weddings fall somwhere in between check FB's cheat sheet for more.

it doesn't really matter if your dress is this or that colour (though i'd say avoiding white at all costs is a pretty safe rule) or is this or that trend. the most important thing is fit! any dress that you have to be stuck in all day (sitting, standing, dancing, taking pictures etc) NEEDS to be comfortable no?

first tip? buy a dress that fits you, regardless of what the tag inside says. if you ask me, the sizing system for women is retarded anyway. if a size 10 makes you LOOK better buy it! even if you're usually a size 4, just cut the tag out to make yourself feel better.

second. know your body and dress accordingly. (i'm talking things like wearing empire-waist dresses if you have a shorter torso, off the shoulder cuts and halter necks diffuse broad shoulders) a dress that fits is instantly flattering!

when buying a dress you always want to consider versatility. formal wear isn't cheap. but i've got no trouble forking over more change for a dress i'll be able to wear more than once. my prom dress, gorgeous pink, bowed contraption that it is, sits alone in my closet. while girls who bought black dresses are free to wear them over and over again.

so the rule of thumb? the simpler the lines of the dress, the more you'll be able to make it look different. considering accesorizing with a belt, ribbon, shrug, broach, statement necklace, or scarf. if you're going to an outdoor wedding try working a floral broach. the real flower will look amazing! and of course changing your hair and makeup around (more on that later this week!) and of course, get it in a colour you love! one that flatters you, and one you'll love to wear over and over again. summer weddings are the perfect time to embrace warmer colours, if that's what you're into.

i leave you with a few quick thoughts:
-hosiery is no longers necessary, but if you choose to wear it, at all costs, avoid panty hose and open toed shoes
-if you're really strapped for cash, trying organizing a dress swap with friends who're going to the same event and all the same size

so that's all for now? but it's not too late to submit your wedding questions to me!