(song of the day: fly with me, the jonas brothers)

1. today: i'm loving lazy mornings. i've got a homemade egg mcmuffin and i'm chilling out, watching some justice league (and even though they're getting their but kicked right now) it's fantastic. i feel like i keep saying it but i've learned SO much in the last little bit. and i'm so thankful for it. i say this alot too, but i'm also crazy thankful for some amazing new friends!

2. i'm looking forward to: the 1825 retreat! i don't think i've ever been so excited for a retreat before. truly. i can hardly wait till friday. though i mean, there are some really cool things happening between now and then: mini-golfing with jenn, a wicked "surprise" party! i've got a lot of work to do this week too. like, i'm trying to get this story ready so i can submit it for this contest and nothing's really coming together. when friday comes i'll finally be able to breathe and recharge a bit.

3. one thing that'll make my week better: stopping to be appreciative of everything good that's happening! it'd be all too easy to stress over the things i have to do. i mean, that's why i write/do things like these. but of course... if things get really rough, i can always stop and have some icecream not that that whole deal is over. haha. i actually learned a lot from it! more on that later.

so how was your weekend? and how will you love your life this week?

how cute is this picture by alice.fan? it reminds me of up
(which was like the cutest movie ever. i laughed so hard.)
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