(song of the day: here we go again, demi lovato)

phew! it feels like i've been more busy than ever since school let out. but, i wouldn't have it any other way. between personal showers, goodbye parties and convocations it's been an awesome week. my mom got her masters and won an award for academic excellence, i'm uber proud. tomorrow's going to be nuts too. work, then a goodbye party, then a bachelorette party. shwew! anyway, here are the best ofs for the week!

ONE. check style bakery's outfit suggestions for bachelorette parties. definitely gave me some ideas as the one i'm going to tomorrow is my first!

TWO. this week i stumbled across the uniform project. it's "an exercise in sustainable fashion." the girl has pledged to wear the same dress for an entire year. the way she accesorizes is amazing and a little bit inpsiring. but she's also taking donations and giving them too an organization that funds uniforms and other school stuff for slum children in india. it's good stuff.

THREE. i've read this EVERYWHERE this week, but still can't help being excited that jimmy
choo is coming to H&M
. expect to be lining up for it sometime this fall.

FOUR. attention matte fans! some of you really liked the idea of matte polish when i wrote about it a bit ago. a lot of nail polish brands have jumped on the trend and are slated to release their own matte collections in the near future. but essie has come up with a matte finisher that can be applied over any polish to give it the desired finish. it should be in stores by fall 2009.

FIVE. this week FB from fabulously broke put together this comprehensive list of superfoods everyone should be eating more of. i just wish i didn't find most of them to be really yucky. i mean butternut squash, do i have to? =P

SIX. the latest personal blog i'm obsessed with is "...love maegan." she's got a ton of super sweet outfit posts, and a DIYs that actually don't look too hard to do! that's her at left. i'm loving her tulip dress and the front french braid. amazing!

SEVEN - TEN. if you're anything like me, you've completely forgotten about father's day this sunday. (oops!) check out these gift guides, one from glamour, one from collegecandy, and two from style bakery: one for the traditional dad and one for the hipster dad. but hopefully you've already found something!

that's all! have a great weekend!