(song of the day: broken strings, james morrison and nelly furtado)

hope you're having a better day than i am! here are the best ofs for this week mes cheries. i found ten again just pour vous! =)

ONE. over at afrobella she writes about "when nude is not nude," offering suggestions for people who don't really suit the typical "nude." interesting post!

TWO. over at the positivity blog they talk about how to stop procrastinating. great advice i'll probably never follow...

THREE. check out this free 20 minute work out from college candy. even though it seems easy enough, i'm not gonna lie. i'll probably never do it. but you might! =)

FOUR. college candy also blogged about how to get the vanessa hudgens look i blogged about the other day.

FIVE. one more from college candy, i swear. hahah. i wouldn't read it so much if i didn't feel like it spoke to me so much, you know? they were talking about ways to cut costs; especially as schools ending. and it's all just so practical. i love that it's written by college/university students. check it out.

FIVE. oh oh! here's a fun one. to celebrate their 10th anniversary NYX cosmetics is offering 50% off their ENTIRE website from now until may 15th. i've never blogged about them before, but NYX cosmetics are reeeeally high quality and drug store price. their website has a lot of selection that we can't get here as well. i'm a fan. get it here.

SIX. i found this cool.... i was gonna say recipe... can't think of the right word. anyway, find out how to make this cool skirt out of 2 t-shirts (perhaps with the ones you whittled from your wardrobe the other day?) i like the way it looks and it seems easy enough. i might even give it a try!

SEVEN. whowhatwear wrote about barbie lips; pegging them as a hot new trend for spring. i'm a fan, especially cause i just found a bright pink lipstick that doesn't make me look like a crazy person =P

EIGHT. the plus size line at forever21 is finally up! they've got some really nice stuff over there. but is it just me, or do they just not look that big? i mean, there stuff fits kinda small in the first place. i mean, i think people's idea of "plus size" is all over the place.

NINE. over at chicstories they posted some fashion do's for shorter girls. enjoy!

TEN. i'm sorry i can not stop GAWKING at this lace braid hair style. they posted about a great how-to slideshow over at bellasugar. although i realize with the way my hair is now, i probably can't do it anymore.

that's all for now. see you monday!