first, happy canada day to you! i hope you're doing something exciting!

so today, i'm wondering what kind of books you're into? more commercial or literary fiction? romance? suspense? i like it all, but today that book that so raptly caught my attention was some teen fiction by robin benway.

usually i'm wary when a book has TOO many of those blurb reviews on the back cover/inside leafs or what have you. but after finishing the book (in under 24 hours :S) i believe the hype.

it's about a girl (audrey) who dumps her egotistical musician boyfriend. the breakup song he writes about her, rises to the top of the charts. the book tracks how her life changes as she's dragged along in the process.

i was wary again, that a story like this could fall into predictable territory. in fact, usually books about girls who become famous bore me. (it's becoming a bit overdone, don't you think?) but the characters totally set this book apart. and i have to say i'm way jealous of the way benway writes. she's got great style.

audrey was a fantastic character: witty, funny and smart. totally would want her as a friend. i love when the background characters have just as much dimension as the ones in the front. and i loved that it had its own soundtrack. some i'd heard of and some i hadn't. but i find it funny that i'm willing to take music suggestions from a fictional character =P

it was a really funny book too. i also have this really annoying habit of laughing out loud when i'm reading, but i just say that's the sign of a good book. i reccomend it if you've ever liked anything by Rachel Cohn. anyway yeah, and amazing and funny story about music and love.

but yeah, what are you in to? what's good?

let me know